Pastor Doug Wilson Makes an “Evangelical Case” for Trump Reelection

Prominent pundit and oft-quoted thought-leader, Douglas Wilson of Moscow, Idaho, just made “an evangelical case” for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

Providing a counter-balance to the soy-mustached latte-mafia of ‘woke’ evangelicalism that would rather chop off their extended pinkie finger than support POTUS (consider the leftist dronings-on of The ‘Gospel’ Coalition, for example), Wilson argues articulately on his blog for four more years of Donald Trump.

Entitled An Evangelical Case for Four More Years, Wilson points out that evangelicals are always encouraged to ‘compromise’ to the left, but never to the right.

Wilson writes, “And as you should also know by now, according to our moderate betters, compromising to the right like this is deep compromise, pure and simple, a betrayal of all evangelical values, while compromise to the left is realistic compassion, or compassionate realism, I forget which.”

He goes on, “I want Donald Trump to prevail in his current battles with the deep state, and I am very glad that if he does, it will be with the indispensable help of evangelical voters. But I can want that to happen, without wanting any given Downstream Trumpian Ideal, as touted by his most ardent and loyal supporters. I still want the same things for the republic I have always wanted. But I believe that it will be far easier to get there when Trump leaves office in 2024 than it would have been to get there when Hillary left office in 2024. After eight years of Hillary, in my view, there would have been no getting there.”

Wilson is occasionally criticized (not without some merit) of being a theological mixed bag, with his creation of Federal Vision, his repudiation of Federal Vision, and seemingly his return to Federal Vision. His attempt to resurrect the term Theonomy from the grave where Joel McDurmon left it is also troublesome. But that doesn’t mean that Wilson can’t be right on occasion (and in fact, most of the time).

But as most thinking people are willing to play the game of Good-Trump/Bad-Trump, we are willing to play along with Good-Wilson/Bad-Wilson.

And this is plainly Good-Wilson.

He continues his wise words on the blog post, “If Donald Trump is reelected, the chances are excellent that the federal judiciary will be completely remade for at least a generation, and in a decidedly conservative direction, up to and including the Supreme Court. This will have ramifications for life and liberty in every area of life, but the crown jewel of a remade judiciary will be the possible reversal of Roe. And if Roe is reversed, this will mean that one great pro-life battle will be transformed into fifty smaller pro-life battles, the majority of them winnable within the first year.”

You can read his words here.


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