When Homosexuality Calls the Bible a Hate Crime

Are you willing to stand up for what the Bible says? Face condemnation or prosecution in the name of Jesus? Those times are fast approaching, even here in the United States. I never really understood until recently why reading the Bible and hiding His Word in my heart is so important. As long as I believe in Jesus, follow the Ten Commandments, and go to church, I should be covered, right?

Oh, but how I have learned differently. I am blessed to read God’s word every day and even more blessed to have met men who have the gift of discernment here at Pulpit and Pen.

Read below about a woman in Finland who got in trouble for a tweet pulled from a Bible verse.


Times are approaching fast when the darkness’ only acceptance of God’s Light found in the Bible will be when they can light it on fire. It won’t be enough for them to just modify it, suppress it, or ban it. They’ll want to burn it out of existence from the eyes, minds, and hearts of humanity.

The world prefers this compared to any proclamation of truth which condemns sin and shows the one true way to a restored relationship with God through Jesus. The completeness of the Bible doesn’t fit their ideas of what life should be or how it should be lived.

Christians, even in countries that have some protections for religious liberties, are fighting the precursors to these battles now. For instance, the government of Finland launched an investigation over a tweet pulled directly from the Bible, a verse about homosexuality.

“In my tweet, I directly cited Romans first chapter and verses 24 to 27 and posted the picture of the passages from the Bible,” according to the woman, a member of Finland’s parliament who is now under two investigations for allegedly defaming or insulting homosexuals.

While America has a Bill of Rights with the First Amendment for protecting religious freedoms, Finland has written in their Constitution that their national church can “…proclaim a Bible-based Christian faith.”

Päivi Räsänen is the member of the Parliament and former minister of the interior who posted the tweet. She said she did it to make Finland’s Lutheran Church aware of why they should not be promoting the homosexual lifestyle. The first investigation started last year after she shared the Bible passage.

The second was opened by Finland’s Prosecutor General over a pamphlet that Räsänen wrote 15 years ago, “Man and woman, He created them – Homosexual Relationships Challenge the Christian Concept of Humanity.” It is about biblical Christian marriage related to society. The Lutheran pastor who published the pamphlet Räsänen wrote is also under investigation.

The second investigation, according to the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland, is because of “incitement, a crime punishable by a fine or up to two years of imprisonment. Dr. (MD) Räsänen is well known in the country for promoting Christian ethical stances on marriage and the beginning and the end of life, for instance.”

These issues of ethical stances on marriage and the beginning and end of life, of course, are hot political issues here in the United States too.

Remember, it wasn’t too long ago our president decided to put religious freedom center stage at the United Nations and protect it around the world. Who knew the persecution would be the Christian religion whose nation’s constitution decrees they should “proclaim a Bible-based Christian faith”?

Our Christian faith acknowledges a holy, just, and loving God who desires none to perish from sin. But darkness hates the Light of the world, hates Jesus, and despises His Word. The world doesn’t want the burning conviction on their hearts, so they will not dare name anything a sin. Unfortunately, what are the consequences of failure to repent from sin and turn to Jesus? The sinner who loves his sin more than God, the one who wants his ears tickled, and the one who wants to erase even the appearance of God’s Word before his eyes will be condemned to hell. To find peace with God people need to know what sin is, repent from it, and enter the restored relationship through their new faith in Jesus Christ, God the Son. Those words of life come from the Word of life, the Bible.

While God is fully capable of protecting His Word without our help, we as Christians have the opportunity to participate in His kingdom work here too.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”
Matthew 24:35

[Editor’s note: This article was originally published at Afa.net by Dr. Robert Youngblood; title changed by Pulpit & Pen.]

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