Polyamory Showing Up in Churches Across the US

Below is a story about a new trend called polyamory. It’s not only being practiced by non-believers. Christians are also falling for this debauchery.

Preston Sprinkle was recently made aware of a polyamorous situation by a pastor and acquaintance of his.

Tyler and Amanda (names changed) were high-school sweethearts raised in Christian homes, living in the Bible belt. After getting married, they seemed to be living the American dream with a house, good jobs, and two kids.

Then Jon, a friend of Tyler’s, began living with their family. Amanda developed a close relationship with him, but their flirtation soon developed into something more, and Jon and Amanda proposed to Tyler that they begin exploring polyamory, with Amanda adding Jon as a significant other. They also encouraged Tyler to develop a relationship with another woman he’d met at the gym. He agreed.

When Tyler and Amanda came out as polyamorous, their parents were shocked. What seemed like a fringe practice of the sexual revolution had settled into the heartland of America.

Making the situation even more complex, Tyler and Amanda sought counseling from a Christian counselor who advocated polyamory. (What??!) Tyler’s parents were disturbed by what their son and daughter-in-law heard there: “It’s only adultery or cheating if someone is kept in the dark. If you are open and honest, this is a God-honoring relationship. And this is good for the kids! It takes a village to raise a child, so a polyamorous relationship actually brings more support and ‘family’ into your kids’ lives, much like the extended families in the past.”

Tyler’s parents wanted to know how to respond to their children but also wanted to know how the church should respond. Should Jon be welcomed into the church as an addition to Tyler and Amanda’s family? In a world where many sexual choices and identities are accepted, polyamory is often still stigmatized, so Tyler’s parents didn’t know who to talk to or where to turn.

How popular is this practice? According to one estimate, “as many as 5 percent of Americans are currently in relationships involving consensual non-monogamy,” which is about the same percentage as those who identify as LGBTQ. A recent study, published in a peer-reviewed journal, found that 20 percent of Americans have been in a consensual non-monogamous relationship at least once in their lives. Another survey showed that nearly 70 percent of non-religious Americans between the ages of 24 and 35 believe that polyamory is okay. And roughly 24 percent of church-going people believe that consensual polyamorous relationships are morally permissible.

This is absolutely absurd!!! Unbelievable!! Do people NOT read their Bibles anymore??? I [Lisa] cannot wrap my brain around this.

The road is very, very narrow, folks. Make sure you are on the right path.

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published at Christianity Today by Preston Sprinkle; Title changed by Pulpit & Pen.]

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