‘Just Sam’ Wows American Idol Judges, Prays Afterwards

(Charisma Magazine) Samantha Diaz is a very talented singer and had many struggles growing up. She has recently auditioned and secured herself a gold ticket with the American Idol Judges this season.

Samantha, or “Just Sam” was adopted and raised by her grandmother, because her parents weren’t there for her. She makes a living by singing in the subway and taking donations from listeners. She grew up in the projects of New York. Her grandma says, “God is good. But at times, it’s really hard.”

It is our purpose, first and foremost, to bring our readers discernment. It is her form of prayer that is bothersome.

Although a secular talent show such as American Idol may not be something many main stream Bible-believing Christians watch, there are many who could easily be misled.

Charisma news reports singer “Just Sam”, or Samantha Diaz, prayed with American idol judges after wowing them with her audition in which she sang Lauren Daigle’s “You Say.”

Here is her prayer, “Heavenly father make my life brand new – right here, right now, with my friends and my new family,” while the 3 judges repeated after her.

It should be noted that while the sentiment was sweet, viewers should take caution that this prayer is not a biblical based prayer.

We are taught to pray by Jesus using Luke 11: 1 as our template. We should praise him, thank him, respect his authority, ask for forgiveness and help with temptation. “Just Sam’s” prayer seemed to be only for her, similar to how prosperity believers pray.

Another caution for Bible-believing Christians to be aware of is that Miss Diaz has posted several LGBT hash tags on her Instagram. Remember, it is our duty to bring discernment.

It is our prayer that you take caution and know the facts, because Satan always loves to make the world look better than what it is.

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