Today’s Engagement With that Carnival Barking Ichabodian Heresy Peddler, Michael Brown

Yesterday, Michael Brown launched missiles at Pirate Christian Radio’s Chris Rosebrough for reporting on the Christian Tarot Card scandal of 2017. It seems he had to let the dust settle on the matter and for people to forget the mountain of evidence against the occult fetishists associated with Bethel Church before he could stage his heretic-in-trouble rescue campaign.

While Rosebrough went on the offense in return, having already slammed Dr. Brown with an insurmountable mountain of documentation on the matter to counter his baseless accusations of “slander,” Reformation Charlotte fired off a round at Brown and pointed out that his hatred for discerning Christians is stronger than his contempt for the occult.

Dr. Robert Gagnon defended Brown on his Facebook page, taking issue with some of the more strongly-worded cessationist perspectives of Jeff Maples but ignoring altogether Brown’s apologetics for charismatic extremism that even moderate charismatics would reject wholesale (like tarot cards).

I then gave a word of correction to Gagnon, borrowing from years of capital supporting the work of Gagnon on human sexuality. In short, I linked an article at Pulpit & Pen regarding the polemics term “single-issue discerner” and asked that the good professor rise above the simplicity of thinking that, because Brown is orthodox on human sexuality, he’s by necessity sound in other areas.

Then, Brown himself chimed in to go after Reformation Charlotte.

I responded thus…

Brown responded in typical fashion, with a completely unsubstantiated accusation of “slander” and total avoidance of any of the facts I mentioned, which have been meticulously documented on this website and on many others.

For the record, I’ve already made public email correspondence with Brown in which we go back forth, with me asking him for a single specific case of slander and him offering forgiveness for a sin so vague he can’t articulate it. Heck, I did a whole podcast about it.

I responded, “You do this EVERY TIME, Michael. You cry ‘slander’ without *ever* making an attempt to substantiate it. You simply make the accusation without an ounce of support, completely unwilling to engage on the objective facts presented.

You have *never* given me a *single* instance of slander either privately or publicly, even though I have asked repeatedly. You cannot provide even a suggestion of what in SPECIFIC is slander because we have done nothing but provide facts and careful documentation.

For example, in Charisma Mag (the link I posted above) you accused discerning Christians of ‘slander’ for criticizing Hillsong over their gay choir directors. And yet, we provided you personally video of Brian Houston discussing the gay choir directors on national television. But that did not stop you from merely dismissing the concerns regarding LGBTQ inclusion at the cult with your accusations of ‘slander’ and ‘Internet rumor.’

You accused people of slander for reporting on Bethel Church’s grave sucking.

You accused people of slander for reporting on Hillsong’s lascivious Christmas strip show.

You accused people of slander for criticizing Kenneth Copeland’s prosperity jet purchases.

You accused people of slander for reporting on Benny Hinn’s confessed affair with Paula White.

You accused people of slander for reporting Carl Lentz’ pro-abortion comments on Oprah.

Your problem, ‘Knock’em Down Brown,’ is not with slander. Your problem is with honest reporting on the devil’s carnival barkers, for whom you serve as a hired gun apologist of all that opposes God.

I cannot think of a better example than you for evidence that the Holy Spirit does not abide among hyper-charismatics. If you had the Holy Ghost, you’d have even the most basic level of discernment.

You’re a walking billboard for what it looks like to see the Holy Ghost write ‘Ichabod’ on a man’s forehead.”

Bonus points, by the way, for those constantly referencing James White in defense of Brown within the thread. Thanks, James. Way to go.

I’ll have to take an hour to listen to Brown’s episode referencing me today (right after I pull my remaining teeth and take a gasoline enema). But in the meantime, I encourage everyone to review the carefully documented articles at Pulpit & Pen, Pirate Christian, Apprising, Christian Research Network, and Churchwatch Central about this devil.


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God Bless.


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