Holy Land Theme Park Is Laying Off Most of Its Employees and Shutting Down Most Departments

The Holy Land Experience is laying off most of the employees at its Orlando property — 118 people — in a corporate-wide reorganization that puts the future of the biblical attraction in question.

Earlier this year, Holy Land announced it was ending all stage shows at its property visible from Interstate 4 at the Conroy Road exit.

On Friday, the company notified the state of just how vast the layoffs were going to be, accounting for all its workers who perform in shows or support the productions, cuts that would encompass “most of its employees and positions” at its 4655 Vineland Road property. Laid off employees were also notified.

Its main education attractions and museum will continue to operate, including a scale model of ancient Jerusalem and the city of David and an exhibit of biblical artifacts called the Scriptorium. Live Church Orlando will also keep using Holy Land’s 2,000-seat Church of All Nations auditorium on it’s property.

It is a sad ending for this Holy Land park of 19 years. And an even sadder ending for the 118 employees, who will be making their way to the unemployment line at the end of April.

If attending The Holy Land Experience is on your bucket list, you should hurry and grab those $50-each tickets while they last.

[Editor’s note: The original article was published in the Orlando Sentinel by Chabala Carranza, title changed by Pulpit & Pen]

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