Rodney Howard Browne Says Jesus Would 'Beat the Crap' Out of Former Trump Official

Rodney Howard Browne Says Jesus Would ‘Beat the Crap’ Out of Former Trump Official

A famous evangelist known for making people “drunk in the spirit,” who has assigned himself the nickname of Holy Ghost Bartender, has claimed in social media that Jesus would “beat the crap” of out former Trump National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

There’s little doubt about it that John Bolton, a perpetual war-monger, is itching to give a suspect (at best) testimony to the U.S. Senate in Trump’s impeachment hearings. Bolton has suggested that Trump withheld funds from Ukraine in a quid pro quo for an investigation into Joe Biden. At the time, Bolton claimed Trump was innocent in the matter. Only recently, with a new book deal on Bolton’s horizon, has he suddenly changed his perspective.

Bolton’s obvious attempt at payback for his firing has stirred the ire of many on the right, including Rodney Howard Browne (RHB). The evangelist is well known for being a member of Donald Trump’s faith advisory counsel and is seen in well-publicized photographs praying for Trump at the White House.

Pulpit & Pen founder, JD Hall, confronted RHB when he visited too close for comfort in Dickinson, North Dakota. Browne referred to Donald Trump in messianic terms, at which point Hall and another man interjected themselves to point out Browne had only preached politics and didn’t even reference the Gospel or Scripture at all. The two were then thrown out (literally) from Browne’s meeting.

RHB made the eyebrow-raising comments on Twitter has subsequently enraged leftists over his claim about Christ beating someone up for being traitorous to the president.

Browne – in a now-deleted tweet – said he should have knocked out Bolton when the two ran across each other in the Rose Garden.

When pressed on the godliness of that move, or lack thereof, RHB responded to a question about what Jesus would do.

Browne was referencing Jesus’ famous “cleansing of the temple” in John 2, in which Jesus took a whip to those who had perverted God’s house. However, Jesus clarified that the hostile action was taken because they had perverted God’s house, not the White House.

And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise (John 2:16).

Blasphemy against God is horrible. Being a sleazeball to the United States president is also bad, but mistreating God Almighty and mistreating POTUS are two entirely different things.


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