Russell Moore and Soros Pals Attack Trump for Limiting Welfare Thrown At Illegals

Russell Moore and Soros Pals Attack Trump for Limiting Welfare Thrown At Illegals

George Soros has pumped the Evangelical Immigration Table (an organization he founded) with tons of globalist cash, and Russell Moore is leading the group to attack Donald Trump for recently limiting welfare funds given to illegal aliens.

The Supreme Court just ruled a 5-4 ruling to allow the Trump Administration to proceed with a decision to restrict immigration for immigrants who would have to come into the country with only “public assistance” to fund their lifestyle. The move by Trump was designed to keep illegal aliens from coming into the country or seeking “amnesty” just to receive welfare. The policy was initially blocked by activist federal judges, but the Supreme Court overturned their injunctions.

The Trump decision was worked through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2018, which said, “the public charge ground of inadmissibility” for immigrants applying for visas and green cards were those who received (or would receive) more than one public benefit program including food stamps, housing benefits of Medicaid. 

Opposing Donald Trump and making statements over the last two days disagreeing strongly with the Supreme Court ruling are the usual George Soros-funded evangelicals, including the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) headed-up by Russell Moore and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), a terribly wicked leftist organization that partners with the ERLC on most issues. In addition to these organizations is another EIT partner, World Relief, which has been called, “the evangelical fundraising arm for Islamic terror” (they are known for passing “Christian” money off to terrorist groups).

The above organizations are members and “heads” (according to their website) of the Evangelical Immigration Table, which was founded and funded by the National Immigration Forum. That organization has received tens of millions of dollars from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, which started it.

The national coordinator for the EIT tweeted his contempt and the organization’s official disagreement with Trump for not putting the entire world on the U.S. welfare role.

Matthew Soerens, EIT coordinator, tweeted…

According to the Christian Post, these organizations are all opposing Trump’s common-sense policy:

“One estimate is that it could lead to as many as 200,000 married couples annually being denied immigrant visas, which is one reason why evangelical institutions such as [National Association of Evangelicals], [the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission],[World Relief] and the [Council for Christian Colleges and Universities] have formally opposed this new rule.”

The argument from these evangelical groups (NAE, ERLC, World Relief, and CCCU) is that illegal aliens who have been caught trespassing our border or who are (often) fraudulently claiming asylum status might be prevented from coming into the U.S. if they have to rely on welfare. Ergo, to these groups, the move is “insensitive” and “hurtful” to families who want to be rejoined (inside the United States) after being separated at U.S. border facilities, which is the consequence of trying to sneak into the nation through somewhere other than a secured border checkpoint.

These evangelicals all seem to have two things in common. First, they despise national sovereignty and immigration law. And secondly, they want as many people as possible benefiting from the welfare state.


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