Explainer: Here’s What Paula White Meant by ‘Satanic Pregnancies’

Far be it from us to defend the New Apostolic Reformation seductress and Benny Hinn’s former mistress, Paula White. It should bolster our claims regarding what Paula White meant by the “Satanic Pregnancies” given that no publication on earth has likely criticized her more. We have criticized the crazy-eyed prophetess here, here, here, here, here, and we could go on…for days.

In fact, we wrote about her bizarre comments on “satanic pregnancies” in the article, Trump Pastor Prays ‘Satanic Pregnancies’ Miscarry in Crazy Talk. It wasn’t flattering.

However, over the weekend many conservatives, not content to make fun of White for her charismatic eccentricities (which is sufficient unto itself) chose to characterize her statement as actually interceding in prayer for the death of actual babies.

Uh, no. As crazy as what she meant is, that’s not what she was praying for.

We understand the confusion if you don’t track with charismatic novelties, key-words, catch-phrases, and routine crazy talk. We get it. But Paula White was not praying for the death of human beings.

“Fair is fair,” as they say. But if anyone is advocating for the death of children it’s Beth Moore, who is substantially more dangerous than Paula White, and her friends in the woke evangelical movement who used Sanctity of Life Sunday to tell Christians it’s okay to vote Democrat.

In fact, let this article serve as a reminder to conservative evangelicals not to be a stooge of the evangelical left in attacking Paula White for the wrong reasons (when they’re far more responsible for abortion staying legal) when there are plenty of good reasons to criticize the woman.

White said in the now-infamous video

We cancel every surprise, from the witchcraft… any spirit of control, any Jezebel… We come against the marine kingdom, we come against the animal kingdom… we break the power in the name of Jesus… We command any satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.”

Trump-haters jumped on this and began to portray his pastor as being pro-abortion. Uh, no. The ERLC is pro-abortion by virtue of promoting Democrats. The controversy here is that White is nuts, not pro-choice.

Your friendly neighborhood polemicists sit around and carefully document charismatic strangeness. In doing so, we understand the unique language in this sub-christian sect of evangelicalism.

Charismatics often use the term “pregnancy,” “birthing,” “birth pangs,” and “delivery” in the metaphoric sense, precisely as White is using it.

Most charismatic catchphrases have a root in the Biblical text, no matter how stretched out of context it may be. This is no exception, as it comes from extrapolations of Matthew 24:8, Hosea 13:13, Mark 13:8, and Luke 21:12. It is apocalyptic language, which charismatics routinely use to characterize the times in which we live.

I’m reminded of a clip of Hollywood director, Tyler Perry, “slaying in the spirit” TD Jakes (I kid you not), at which point prophets shouted out nonsense about “get that baby out of you, get it out, get it out!” to the man lying prostrate upon the floor.

This is the bizarreness with which charismatics practice their religion. Their concept is that God (or the devil) places “babies” inside of people that will give birth to blessings or curses.

Again, we’re not defending the crack-pottery. It’s nuts. But it’s not about actual babies and anyone who seriously follows charismaticism knows that.

Rather, Paula White was referring to various schemes and plots being “unhatched” to derail President Trump.

In fact, this article at Charisma Mag metamorphicizing labor pains and pregnancy (for bonus ‘weird points’ it quotes Charles Spurgeon) demonstrates this charismatic eccentricity. Or, there’s this article from the flagship charismatic publication about being “spiritually pregnant.” Or there’s this article from the Charismatic-Catholic Renewal about being “pregnant with the Holy Ghost.”

While Paula White is seven different kinds of nut-job, the President’s spiritual advisor (yuck) was not praying that God cause actual women to miscarry their actual babies.

Those who follow charismaticism and understand their unique vocabulary should know that.

Fair is fair.

[Editor’s Note: After we published this article, this one appeared at the Christian Post in which Paula White confirms our assertions. She claims to have been speaking of spiritual plots against POTUS]


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