Southeastern Seminary Prof Urges People Not to Vote Republican in 2020

Southeastern Seminary Prof Urges People Not to Vote Republican in 2020

Who did Donald Trump abuse again? It’s unclear what Southeastern Seminary professor, Karen Swallow Prior, was referencing when she went after Trump impeachment counsel, Ken Starr, over the weekend and called Trump an abuser.

Prior, whose Twitter handle is an ode to leftist, pro-choice Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who is called “Notorious RGB”), tweeted out the insult.

The “abuser” she references in Donald Trump, who Ken Starr will be helping in his impeachment defense.

Although Trump made news in 2016 due to a vulgar tweet about grabbing women, no credible accusations have arisen that indicates Trump has ever grabbed a woman against her permission. Although Trump is certainly a crass human being and was at one time a legitimate whoremonger, the accusation of “abuser” is not one rooted in actual fact.

On the other hand, Bill Clinton, who Starr prosecuted during his impeachment, is credibly accused of sexual misconduct (alleged) by at least four women including Juanita Broaddrick (rape), Kathleen Willey (groping), Paula Jones (indecent exposure), and Leslie Millwee (sexual assault). Additionally, Clinton had a high-profile relationship with a subordinate, employee, and a very young woman, Monica Lewinski. Furthermore, Clinton was seen regularly on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” including photographs with Epstein’s “madam” who arranged dates with sex trafficking victims, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Clinton with Epstein’s madam, Ghislaine Maxwell

Prior indicated a few hours later that she could not vote for the Democratic Party, but urged people not to vote Republican “even if good will not win.”

She continued to HT tweets encouraging people to vote Third Party in 2020.

For leftist plants in evangelical institutions, it is not necessary to get people to vote Democrat. It is enough to get them to not vote Republican when the margins are this close. They know that evangelicals vote Third Party, a Democrat will be elected into the presidential office, and for leftist like Karen Swallow Prior, that’s good enough.

It is hard to tell who is working harder to keep Trump from being reelected, Planned Parenthood or Karen Swallow Prior and leftist evangelicals.


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