Privileged White Man, Kyle J. Howard, to Vote for Whitest Woman in Democratic Primary

Privileged White Man, Kyle J. Howard, to Vote for Whitest Woman in Democratic Primary

Kyle J. Howard is a privileged white man (one of his parents is white, although Howard chooses to arbitrarily identify as black) who was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb by two attorney parents. Howard has had the luxury of being a full-time student during his entire adult life and fancies himself a “racial trauma counselor.” He’s told a fake life story about living a secret gang life and frequently tells various fanciful tales of his regular oppression.

Howard, an acolyte of Beth Moore and Russell Moore, is a loud spokesman for “woke” evangelicalism, regularly railing against the kinds of “white privilege” that gave him his silver-spoon upbringing.

Ironically enough, Howard claims that he will be voting for the whitest woman in the Democratic Primary who has also known to tell some tall-tales about her ancestry (they have that in common), Elizabeth Warren. Warren is 1/120th Native American (far less than the average American) and the rest is straight-up privileged white cracker (that’s the official designation).

Warren is third in the Real Clear Politics national average tracking poll, fourth in Iowa, and third in New Hampshire. In the latest Trump vs Warren national tracking poll, Warren is still behind the president.

Warren believes in abortion up to the point of birth, gay marriage, transgender surgeries being paid for by taxpayers, putting confused-gendered men into women’s prisons, absolving all student loan debt, and almost total gun control.

Kyle J. Howard, for some strange reason, claims to be a follower of Jesus.

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