Man Self-Identifies as Baby, Gets Pampered

Man Self-Identifies as Baby, Gets Pampered

If a man can self-identify as a woman, if a Caucasian can self-identify as black, and if a spoiled brat attorney’s kid can self-identify as an underprivileged gangster, why can’t a full-grown man identify as a baby?

A UK organization called ‘On the Tools’ posted the video of Phil, who identifies as a baby and in response, gets treated like a baby. He’s a trans-ageist.

The man, who wears diapers, said, “I like to pee in them, but not the other stuff. It’s just not me at the moment.”

I kid you not.

A woman named Pamela plays his mommy and changes his diaper, burps him, and bottle feeds him.

He went on to say, “One of the hardest things for me is having to hide my lifestyle living as a baby. I don’t want it to effect my work, I don’t want people to think I’m a weirdo. To me it’s just normal.”

He continued, “My goal with showing myself off to the world, it will make it seem more normal and maybe make people less judgmental.”

Trans-ageism is a growing movement, especially in Europe. One Dutchman sued the state to get them to lower his age by twenty years because he identifies as a younger person.

In a world of makebelieve trans-isms, why not?

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