Pastor Banned from Facebook for This (Hilarious) Politically Incorrect Illustration

Facebook banned a pastor for three days for posting a comment that violated their ‘community standards.’ Apparently, they thought it dehumanized homosexuals.

The comment from the pastor was…

The LGBTQ supporting Iran, is like chickens supporting KFC.

He was banned for three days.

Peters was just on a podcast with Jeff Dornik who has been trying to bring attention to the insanity of Facebook’s political correctness censors.

The illustration, although funny, is astute.

KFC goes through 23 million birds a year, who each live approximately a 35 day life before being thrown in batter and deep-fried. Although cannibalism is rare in Islam, the systemic persecution of homosexuals is not.

Homosexuals in majority Muslim nations are imprisoned, stoned, drawn and quartered, beheaded, thrown from buildings, and burned alive. It is unknown if they’re dipped in any kind of batter first. But still, there’s a comparison to be made.

Facebook apparently took exception with homosexuals being compared to animals, thus calling his comment “dehumanizing.” We find censorship of speech to be the most dehumanizing thing of all.

[Editor’s Note: HT Jeff]


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