RINO Republicans Target Evangelicals With Anti-Trump Propaganda Video

RINO Republicans Target Evangelicals With Anti-Trump Propaganda Video

Leftists supposedly aligned with the Republican Party have released a new propaganda video aimed at getting evangelical Christians to not vote for Donald Trump.

The Lincoln Project is a collaboration between leftist Republicans known as RINOs, standing for Republicans In Name Only. A list of its founders looks like a Who’s Who of the most fringe leftist elements that regularly masquerade as Republicans, including Kellyanne Conway’s Never Trumper husband, George Conway, a former political strategist for RINO Republicans John McCain and Arnold Schwarzeneggar (Steve Schmidt), a political strategist with the Kasich presidential campaign (John Weaver), and author of a book entitled Everything Trump Touches Dies (Rick Wilson).

None of the founders, so far as we know, are evangelical Christians. This has not stopped them from releasing the video mocking evangelicals who believe that Donald Trump better represents our values than the baby-murdering, homosexual-endorsing candidates in the Democratic Party.

The website says that their goal is to elect Democrats who obey the Constitution over Republicans who do not.

The video, which is the first put out by the newly formed “Lincoln Project” warns evangelicals to “watch out for false prophets” while throwing up images and videos of evangelicals who support the president. Interlacing their commendations of the President with his more vulgar and controversial remarks, the video is intending to represent evangelicals as hypocrites if they support Donald Trump.

You can watch the video below.


What do you think? Are Republicans who support Donald Trump in spite of his lacking personal faith foolish? Are they following after false prophets? Leave your thoughts below.

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