Californians Shackled with 1000+ New Laws in 2020

Californians making New Year resolutions may want to add “Be Sure To Obey the 1000+ New Laws” that hit the California books on New Year’s Day.

The new edicts include “several significant laws effecting…safety, health, children’s education and finances” according to CBS.

Some of the new laws might be considered welcome, particularly those requiring big tech companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to give consumers the right to opt out of information sharing and to ask the companies to delete their personal information.

But others among the thousand new shackles clapped onto Californians involve ever greater restrictions on Constitutional liberties.

California lawmakers expanded gun control by strengthening their so-called “red flag” laws which gives teachers, employers, and others the right to request a judge to steal the firearms of anyone they feel is a risk to themselves or others.

A CBS-interviewed Man on the Street in San Jose (who believes “There’s just too many guns out there and too little control”) only cited the example of “elderly or people who might be mentally ill” as a good subject for gun seizure.

But the concern for liberty-loving Christians is that such laws can be used as an excuse to execute a gun grab on people who don’t fit the profile of a “safe” citizen—like the gun-toting, MAGA hat-wearing right-wingers mocked by leftists from Barack Obama in 2008 to Hilary Clinton in 2016.

After all, a generation reliant on safe spaces in college because they feel endangered by speech that disagrees with them is not going to feel particularly secure when they find out their co-worker voted for Trump and believes in the Second Amendment.

Californians will also be subject to a state-level individual health care mandate beginning this year. Just as with the Obamacare individual mandate (thankfully reversed in the Trump era), citizens of the pre-eminent Left Coast state will face fines when they file their 2021 taxes if they do not comply with the demands of their overlords.

Parents who have children in public schools will have new worries when a new law goes into effect making it illegal for schools to suspend “disruptive” or “willfully defiant” students from school.

But no worries—the schools still consider such behavior “mistaken:”

“We would rather have them learn from their mistakes,” said Dane Caldwell-Holden, Director of Student Services at the San Jose Unified School District. This means such students would “stay on campus, [and] continue their education rather than just sending them home….”

No doubt the schools will be able to implement other disciplinary measures (short of suspension) that will help correct these “mistakes.”

(For the record: getting a math problem wrong is a “mistake;” willfully defiant, disruptive behavior is serious, sinful behavior that can lead to multiple problems.)

Like the ancient Egyptians who willingly sold themselves into tax bondage to Pharaoh in exchange for financial security (Genesis 47), modern Californians, through their elected officials, have sold themselves into bondage, but in some ways worse.

The Egyptians had to sell their land to Pharaoh in order to survive the famine. But at least they got to remain on the land and work it, and they only had to pay a 20% tax rate. Modern Californians (and to a lesser extent, all Americans) are in bondage to a system with so many laws that no one can possibly be aware of even a fraction of them, much less take meaningful steps to obey them.

It’s like getting thrown in prison and being forced to pay your jailers.

Such is life under an administrative state, which is the fruit of a society that wishes to live free of God’s laws.

Only men who serve God can build a society free from the whims and fancies of other men.

“If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments,” wrote G. K. Chesterton, “they shall be governed by the ten thousand commandments.”


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