Christian Radio Host Under Fire for Saying Michelle Obama 'Looks Like Chewbacca'

Christian Radio Host Under Fire for Saying Michelle Obama ‘Looks Like Chewbacca’

A Christian radio host is under fire for saying that Michelle Obama “looks like Chewbacca.” Some are portraying the mean-spirited comment as racist, insinuating that Wookies are a variety of space primate.

We kid you not.

Sheila Zilinski is a podcast and radio host who has been known for sometimes saying controversial things. The latest has the folks at Right Wing Watch and Friendly Atheist bent a bit out of shape.

Zilinksy still has an active Twitter profile, but it seems her tweet has been deleted.

While mean and unnecessary to say (Mrs. Obama seems to have carried herself with a degree of dignity, poise, and class regardless of her wicked politics), one wonders how “racist” is derived from the comment. We can only presume that leftists think Chewbacca is a monkey of some kind.

That is, unless, any insult toward an African American is automatically “racist.”

We were curious how offended Chewbacca was by this comparison, but by the time of publication, the Wookie could still not yet be reached for comment.

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