Who is Trump Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella?

Who is Trump Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella?

Apparently Eric Ciaramella is Voldemort, because his name shall not be spoken. You won’t find his name at CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, or other mainstream press outlets. Why exactly you won’t find his name is because liberals don’t want you to know that he’s a Democrat operative and conservatives don’t want to be painted as insensitive to politically correct demands to privacy.

We care about neither. His name is Eric Ciaramella. This article may not be allowed on Facebook, considering they’re also censoring articles with his name attached. Google and Youtube are also censoring search results with his name attached. Twitter took down Trump’s tweet linking an article naming Ciaramella, before claiming it was a glitch.

Here’s what you need to know about Eric Ciaramella, who was first prominently named in the Washington Examiner.

Ciaramella (33) was Ukraine director on the National Security Council for the Obama Administration and was the acting senior director for European and Russian early on during Trump’s tenure. Ciaramella is now a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council.

Ciaramella worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and attended a State Department banquet at Biden’s guest in 2016. Ciaramella was also cited in Mueller’s report in connection to a meeting between Trump and Russian officials in the Oval Office in May 2017.

Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, said “CIA operative Ciaramella is documented to be involved in the Russia collusion investigation, and was a key CIA operative on Ukraine in both the Obama and Trump White Houses. Our lawsuits are designed to break through the unprecedented cover-up of his activities.”

Currently, Judicial Watch is suing to receive Fitton’s communications to see if like former FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, he had conspired to unseat the President.

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