ERLC Publishes Article Praising Obama, Lecturing Baptists to Ease Up on Convictions

ERLC Publishes Article Praising Obama, Lecturing Baptists to Ease Up on Convictions

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), which runs the Evangelical Immigration Table for George Soros and recently partnered with an organization that funds Islamic terrorism in that effort, recently invited a Democrat and Obama campaign staffer to encourage Southern Baptists to ease up on their political convictions in an effort at kindness.

The ERLC is run by former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore, whose communitarian beliefs places him well left-of-center on economic and security issues, and leaves his commitment to social issues in a hazy fog of doubt. He has been called an “open borders zealot” by news publications and a “nasty guy with no heart” by President Donald J. Trump. As of this week, ERLC research fellows – appointed by Moore – were calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Like an extended middle finger to Southern Baptists concerned that millions of their tithe dollars are supporting the Democratic party and leftist causes, the ERLC posted a resource on their website entitled Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

The ERLC’s appeal on the surface is designed to make evangelicals who differ on politics nicer to each other, but what it overlooks is the reason we can’t get along is a million dead babies a year and a single political party that is most responsible for it. And that’s just the beginning of what’s wrong with the godlessness of the Democrat Party.

The PDF of the ERLC resources is provided here, and along with carrying articles by leftist Democrats like lesbian feminist Rebecca McLaughlin, it also has a piece from Obama staffer, Michael Wear.

Micahel Wear is the same Obama staffer who recently presented his propaganda at a church affiliated with SBC President JD Greear.

The ERLC’s editor, Dan Darling, brags about Wear’s involvement.

He writes, “We also feature the example of Prison Fellowship and civility in action across party lines and an interview with Josh Deckard and Michael Wear about their experiences in the White House.”

Wear’s article, on page 56 of the PDF, tells Southern Baptists to be more “civil” in our political discourse, as though we’re the ones with dead baby flesh in our teeth.

Wear paints Obama as civilized, but demonized President Trump.

When asked if civility is worse in Washington, Wear says, “Unfortunately, I think increasingly so. Partisanship and conflict has seeped into the interpersonal relations of many in D.C., including elected officials in a significant way. There are relationships that defy this trend, like Barack Obama had with Tom Coburn, but things have coarsened.”

We’ll remind you that Obama weaponized the IRS to attack Christian non-profits. So much for history.

Speaking again of Obama, Wear says in the SBC publication…

The president I served is someone who occupied the office, similar
to what Josh said, with this incredible grace. It was an honor to work for him every day, and he set the tone.

Southern Baptists, it’s time to defund the ERLC.

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