Soros-Funded Southern Baptists Push States to Settle High-Risk Islamic Refugees

Soros-Funded Southern Baptists Push States to Settle High-Risk Islamic Refugees

George Soros has bought and paid for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), which asked state governors across the nation to settle “refugees” despite President Trump’s executive order that allows states and municipalities the right to approve or deny federal requests to resettle foreign populations in their legal jurisdictions. The ERLC is partnering with an anti-Israel organization in the lobbying operation.

The ERLC is a head of the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), which is owned by the National Immigration Forum, a shell-entity of Soros’ Open Societies Foundation. Although the EIT has demonstrably lied about receiving Soros funds and why, their branch off of the Open Societies Foundation is easily traceable from their own public website. That the EIT is a Soros organization is hardly a conspiracy.

The EIT, lead by the ERLC, spearheaded an effort among left-of-center evangelical organizations to send letters to 15 state governors, pleading with them to accept refugees against the better interest of their Citizens and quite possibly in detriment to national security.

The EIT, in a bizarre union between George Soros and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), joined World Vision in the effort to convince governors to against the interest of their citizens. World Vision began a leftward drift in 2014 when it changed its position on letting homosexuals serve in missions, before reversing course after public outrage, and then reversing course again. It should come to no surprise that the “New SBC” – led uniformly by leftists across its various entities and seminaries – would partner with gay-affirming World Vision in the effort.

Additionally, as reported in the Daily Wire, World Vision funneled millions of dollars to the Islamic Relief Agency, which is a deep-pocket donor to Al Qaida. In 2016, World Vision donated millions to the terror group, Hamas. In 2012, World Vision successfully lobbied the Australian government to donate 1.68 million to a fake Palestinian charity that served as a front organization for a Palestinian terror group. World Vision has become so famous for funding Islamic terror groups with ‘Christian’ money that it’s been called the “Evangelical fundraising arm of Islamic terrorism.” World Vision’s years-long campaign against the Nation of Israel is also well-documented.

The two organizations, World Vision and the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table run by the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC put together the lobbying effort for state governors to reject Trump’s executive decision to allow them oversight into refugee resettlement in their states.

The two leftist organizations claim that “family reunification” is the goal of settling thousands of Islamic refugees (mostly single men) in America’s heartland, and mostly inside of “red states.”

According to Christian Headlines, “The group’s demands center around the continued resettlement of refugees under the U.S. refugee admissions program and in line with Trump’s Sept. 26 executive order which permits states and localities the power to block refugee resettlement.”

“The letter cautioned that a lack of action on the resettlement program could result in delays to the ‘reunification of many families who have been waiting years to be reunited.'”

The executive order from President Trump came on the heels of the courts stepping out of their own jurisdiction and telling the president he cannot (even though the Constitution says he can) restrict immigration from terror-sponsoring nations for the sake of national security. Federal court judges have ruled Trump’s protection of the American people to be discriminatory. Therefore, Trump punted his ability to states and municipalities to sign off on the refugee resettlements.

Sadly, it is mostly evangelical-heavy states who are listening to the lobbying efforts on the part of Soros and anti-Israel organization, World Vision. They are under the impression that the “evangelical pressure” they’re receiving to infiltrate their jurisdictions with Muslims is from genuine Christianity and not Soros-funded political groups masquerading as Christian parachurch organizations.

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