Beth Moore Says Republicans' 'Consciences are Seared,' Calls Nationalism a Sin

Beth Moore Says Republicans’ ‘Consciences are Seared,’ Calls Nationalism a Sin

In a series of tweets claiming that both the Democrat and Republican Party have “seared consciences” and seemingly equalizing the two parties of opposite extremes, Beth Moore also claimed that nationalism was a sin. Moore repeatedly demonstrates that the world would be better off if she were not in it, and instead would just go home.

To give some moral clarity, the Democrat Party platform demands infanticide from the point of conception to birth, euthanasia, celebrating transgenderism and homosexuality, and the redistribution of wealth (also known as theft). Additionally, the Democratic Party officially became the party of the godless when they shunned religion in a recent Democrat National Convention (DNC) resolution.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, is guilty of not caring enough about the above issues, but at least their platform and policies aren’t little more than the Ten Commandments in reverse. Beth Moore is simply out of her mind by equating the two. The Republican Party, for example, isn’t soaked in the blood of dead infants.

Notice that first among the list of sins in Beth Moore’s brain is nationalism.

Nationalism is simply “a belief in the importance of the nation-state, a system of government that exists for the purpose of protecting the individual interests of its Citizens and promoting human flourishing within its boundaries.” It’s hardly controversial and not at all sinful.

Moore, being the wild-eyed mental case that she is probably is confusing “nationalism” (the foundational principle of all of Western Civilization) with “White Nationalism.” It’s sad she doesn’t understand the difference.

Nationalism can be understood best when it is compared to Globalism, the communitarian belief that nation-states should either be demolished or diminished and that the world is best served when individual liberties are subordinate to the best interest of society at large.

Social Justice Warrior believers, serving the interest of globalists in the Roman Catholic Church and ideological Marxists, signed a statement against Nationalism in July, led by LGBT-promoters and extreme leftists, Jim Wallis and Tony Compolo.

Beth Moore shouldn’t preach because she doesn’t know what sin is.

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