Democrat Congresswoman Says "F*** Private and Religious Schools"

Democrat Congresswoman Says “F*** Private and Religious Schools”

A Democrat state representative from New Hampshire recently tweeted out, “F_____ Private and Religious Schools.” She’s a classy gal.

Tamara Lee

Tamara Le is a Democrat on the House Education Committee who is anti-choice when it comes to education. Le was upset at the concept of school vouchers, which takes money already-designated per child and allows it to be used on tuition for their school of their parents’ choice.

Le’s chief complaint against the freedom of choice seems to be that private and religious schools aren’t mandated to provide special services to children with disabilities.

She let the profanity-dropping tirade loose on Twitter…

Screenshot Credit: Friendly Atheist

Le has held the office since 2016 and won a second time in 2018. She lost in her first attempt at the office in 2014.

New Hampshire Speaker of the House Steve Shurtleff temporarily suspended Le from the House Education Committee after she tweeted the profanity.

Shurtleff told SeacoastOnline, “I was offended by the language as most people were. I didn’t like the fact, and I mentioned this to Representative Le, she tarred all … private religious schools with the same brush.”

She has been suspended from the committee for three months.

Special Note: I have a child with a developmental disability-based IEP (Individual Education Plan). We are thankful that he can receive services at the local public school. However, for my other four children, I pay private school tuition.

In my state, the school-based expenditure reporting mandated by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) demonstrates that approximately 10 thousand dollars is allocated from tax dollars for every single student in the district (including for my children, who do not attend public school or receive services).

It would be nice for some of the money allocated for my child that’s given to the public schools for doing nothing for four of my five children to be given to help subsidize their tuition at a school that I feel is best for them (in other words, a voucher program).

Even though I utilize the services at the public school for my challenged child, I would never dream of speaking of private or religious schools in such is a derogatory way.

This is your modern Democratic Party. Killing your kid is the only choice they want you to have.

[Contributed by JD Hall]

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