Pennsylvania Public High School To Build Multi-Million Dollar Gender Neutral Changing Facility

Pennsylvania Public High School To Build Multi-Million Dollar Gender Neutral Changing Facility

Taxpayer dollars in Pennsylvania are being used to demolish an existing boys and girls locker and replace them with a gender neutral changing facility.

Eastern Lancaster County (ELANCO) School District is spending 2.4 million dollars after a community backlash when a student identifying as transgender was using a locker room that did not match their biological sex.

WTXF-TV (Fox 29) explained:

“The Eastern Lancaster County School Board received backlash over the 2018-2019 school year, during which it allowed a transgender boy to use the boys’ restroom, as well as the boys’ locker room during gym class.” 

WTXF-TV reported:

“The $2.4 million renovation plan for Garden Spot High School includes the design of four ‘zones’ that will hold a total of 48 private changing rooms and 76 private showers. Because each of the showers will be private, they can also double as changing rooms, making a total of 124 changing rooms under the new plan.”

School board members implied that addressing LGBTQ+ issues took precedence over teacher’s salaries and new educational material and implementing education-based policies. The board unanimously passed the policy Monday.

As a result of this decision, the district is spending 2.5 times more money on the pro-LGBTQ+ renovation than anticipated.

The school board released a written statement addressing the issue:

“This District policy states that multi-user locker rooms and restrooms will be separated based on biological sex, but the idea behind the policy is much deeper. We’ve worked hard to arrive at a solution that balances varied interests – which is why we’re systematically converting multi-user facilities into a series of single-user facilities.”

“ELANCO prides itself in not simply providing reasonable accommodations to those who need them, but going above and beyond to provide extraordinary accommodations for all its students.”

The school board stressed that they will do whatever is possible to accommodate the LGBTQ+ community but will also take the communities opinions into concern as well.

“To be absolutely clear, we seek to accommodate any student in need of an accommodation because we believe accommodations can help all students to thrive. We also want to preserve bodily privacy in spaces that exist to provide privacy from those with the opposite anatomy. Some might say it’s an impossible task to balance all those interests, but it is one we’re working to implement.”

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