The BBC’s Agenda to Promote Sexual Deviancy Exposed

There is no hiding the fact that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a clear transgender agenda. It is now openly endorsing, not just reporting on, the sinful and unnatural trends in British culture and elsewhere. From its many openly LGBTQ + promotions, here are a few examples.

Children Being Taught: More Than 100 Genders Exist

First, back in 2016, a documentary highlighting transgender terminology was aired on BBC Iplayer. This focused on two Jamaicans living in the UK. One could learn about crucial code used by transitioning individuals. Other key terms were a bit clearer in meaning. Words such as stealth or binder are pretty much self-explanatory. Stealth means to go through life transitioned to an alternate gender without telling anyone. There is a debate in the Trans Community whether it is truly possible. On the other hand, binder is a term used to denote some sort of device, usually a corset-like item of clothing, to hide female breasts. Many other terms were highlighted and discussed by the two young men that were interviewed. This was portrayed in the fashion of a cordial conversation at a cocktail party.

Second, in 2018, the BBC had a debate between two women on either side of whether those who oppose the notion of actual gender reassignment as possible are transphobic. Not surprisingly, the victim card was on full display. People have been misled into thinking that the whole transgender debate is about oppression or human rights violations. This was horrific to watch.

Third, back in 2015, children under ten years old were the subject of a story on BBC news. With a caveat that the parents gave permission and that the children’s schools were supportive, this blatant exploitation of young minors for a political and senseless agenda fell to its lowest point. This is clearly despicable. We, as a civilization, have deplored the abuse and exploitation of children. And yet, the focus on the supposedly transgender-feelings in these children manifests that this production was shameless and ill-conceived.

George Roberts AKA Julia Grant

So, whether it was the first time back in 1979, when the bold BBC aired a documentary during prime-time where a transgender individual (George Roberts aka Julia Grant) took center stage, or the more recent BBC series aiming at children between the ages of nine and twelve – and sure to become a major source for schools in the UK and beyond (see here) – the agenda is evident beyond a shadow of a doubt. But do not think for a moment that the case is built on slight testimony. These instances are merely illustrative of a wide array of evidence indicting the British TV and Radio giant.

John Humphrys: Worried that BBC is a Mouthpiece For Transgender Agenda

Now, one of their own hits back in a straightforward way and strikes the nail on the head with his observations and critique. John Humphrys, a former BBC presenter, has taken aim at the BBC and its clear transgender agenda. Some of his recent comments include the following: “If you take something like transgender, their mindset is such that we must kind of accept what the prevailing view is, except that their idea of the prevailing view and perhaps mine and some other people’s might be slightly different . . . [I am] slightly worried about children being told, you might be a girl or you think you might be a boy, we’ll go and get you medical attention. . . I’m uneasy about children being told in schools that there are more than 100 different genders” (see here and here). Humphrys is definite in his insistence that we are “born man and woman [individually].”

And, once more aiming his sights at BBC procedure, John Humphrys declared, “I raised my eyebrows when the BBC announced it had created the new post of LGBT correspondent (…) the BBC must give a voice to minorities, but it must not act as anyone’s mouthpiece. . . That’s what lobbyists and public relations people do. To confuse the two is to undermine the job of a journalist.” Here is the star witness against the BBC. His testimony is sure. That the British Broadcasting Corporation is giving the platform for this issue of transgenderism to become front and center reveals political correctness at the highest level. It clearly has an agenda, and it is blatant.

The crumbling of our very foundations as civilized people is not even considered. Debauchery and rampant immorality brought swift judgment and collapse to the eternal city, Rome, and the empire which it represented. Gone are the days of Mary Whitehouse, who championed morality and decency over sleaziness and promulgation of vice on the airwaves of British television.

Now, it is not the not-so-innocent innuendo of days gone by with the likes of Are You Being Served, a British Comedy series that was a BBC staple in the late seventies and early eighties which featured John Inman as a clearly gay character if you picked up on the clues. Rather, it is the normalizing of deviant queer and decadent lifestyles that fit perfectly with Isaiah the Prophet’s declarations of God’s Word that there will be judgment for those that “call good, evil and evil, good” (see Isaiah 5).

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by Theodore Zachariades]


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