Lessons From the Beer Fund SJW Story

It’s the age-old tragic tale: Sports Fan creates Beer Supply fundraiser as joke; Sports Fan surprised to raise two million bucks; Sports Fan donates money to charity; Beer Company matches charity funds; SJW Journo-Punk digs up centuries-old racist tweets from Sports Fan; Beer Company cuts ties with Sports Fan; audience leaves theater in state of dejection.

But there’s a twist to this age-old tale. First, however, the details:

“[Carson] King went viral earlier this month after he displayed a sign on ESPN’s ‘College Game Day’ requesting Venmo donations to re-stock his ‘Busch Light Supply,’ and ultimately racked up nearly $2 million in contributions. Not content to keep the money for himself, King offered to donate the funds to a local children’s hospital, which was soon matched by beer maker Anheuser-Busch. But King’s new-found fame would soon veer toward infamy.

“In penning a profile on King for the Register, Calvin [reporter for The Des Moines Register] dug up racist internet posts that the sports fan had made as a teenager….”

As with so much in life, it’s a heart-warming tale…until the Social Justice Warrior shows up.

Brendan Eich found that out. So did Dr. Matt Taylor. And Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt. And Rosanne Barr. And Norm MacDonald. And too many others to name.

There are lessons to be learned from such tales. “Get Woke, Go Broke” is a true truism, but it’s more to the point that, as has been written, organizations simply cannot perform their primary functions while under the sway of hyper-politicized Social Justice dogma.

Thus the Boy Scouts can no longer simply exist as an organization to teach boys important skills and virtues. The NFL can no longer just provide enjoyable sports entertainment. Superhero comics can no longer be a mere escape into a fictional world of danger, adventure, and heroism. Newspapers can no longer simply report on a fun, human interest story.

And churches can no longer fulfill the Great Commission of discipling the nations—at least not while they are distracted by the diktats of a gussied-up Christian version of the Social Justice narrative.

That’s the first lesson: Social Justice is poison to any organization it touches. The only remedy is radical surgery, to cut out the diseased organs. As a start, Christians must begin to talk about Social Justice in their churches. So many are still able to say, “It hasn’t come up for us.” But it will. It’s best we give thought to it before that day comes. We must know what we will do. Will we just sit back while pastors, teachers, commentators, or beloved speakers start teaching what amounts to a false gospel?

The second lesson is that The Social Justice narrative comes first. Not even the fun, remarkably inspiring story of a gag that turned into nearly four million dollars for a children’s hospital could escape being hit by yet another Social Justice Sniper.

ABC, Gillette, Target, and others have demonstrated that money isn’t the most important consideration for a converged organization—the Social Justice narrative is. That is the measure of their resolve to upend Christian civilization.

Lesson number three is that Many business and organization leaders are afraid of the Social Justice movement. They are truly caught in the middle, hating every new story about these kangaroo trials, dreading the seemingly inevitable moment when their turn in the dock comes.

They are not radical leftists: but they know that they will face the firestorm if they display insufficient servility before the god of political correctness. Thus they are blown back and forth between the typhoon of leftist Social Justice activism on the one hand, and the hurricane of right-wing anti-Social Justice reaction on the other. In the end, they’ll simply be driven in whichever direction the prevailing wind blows them.

The Duck Dynasty/Cracker Barrel fiasco from a few years ago is an example of this: After Phil Robertson made a politically incorrect statement, Cracker Barrel pulled Duck Dynasty merch from their stores. A firestorm of protest erupted from Cracker Barrel customers (talk about not knowing your market!), and the hapless company reversed their decision within 48 hours.

That one ended happily. And so does the tale of the Sports Fan Beer Guy. This happy ending came courtesy of our final lesson: “A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants:

“…but many readers reacted with anger, demanding to know why the Register transformed a story about charitable giving into another racism witch hunt…Launching its own probe into the matter following the public reaction, the Register eventually found that the reporter in question had his own history with inappropriate tweets. Calvin soon deleted the posts and apologized for not holding himself ‘to the same high standards as the Register holds others,’ but that apparently did not prevent the termination of his employment.”

Now that is true “social justice.”

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