Breaking: Cru Leaders Soft-Peddling Homosexuality, Pushing Marxism

Breaking: Cru Leaders Soft-Peddling Homosexuality, Pushing Marxism

Last week, Jon Harris, on the Conversations That Matter Podcast, showed Enemies Within the Church’s montage on Cru19 (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). Cru19 was a staff conference in July primarily for evangelical campus missionaries. In the video, Harris revealed screenshots from a private Facebook group for Cru staff which showed program director Matt Mikalatos’s attempt to invite Sojourners author Kaitlin Curtice, who describes herself as “probably a pagan,” and a “Native American Christian Mystic.”

In a video recently released on Thursday evening, Jon once again revealed troubling developments within Cru. Staff member and Revoice speaker Grant Hartley, Rachel Gilson, the director of theological development for Cru, and Matt Mikalotos have all publicly disregarded biblical teaching on homosexuality.

In addition, Cru’s “Urban Project – International,” which is affiliated with many other evangelical groups and headed by Michael Sylvester is pushing a pro-socialist narrative as their main curriculum. The Urban project uses what they describe as the “outstanding book With Justice for All by Dr. John Perkins,” which “is used as a framework for exploring” “Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution.” In the book, the free market is demonized, and government sponsored wealth redistribution, according to need, is championed.

Harris also discusses Cru’s “Lenses Institute,” and how some of these ideas are impacting Cru members and evangelism efforts.

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This article originally appeared at Enemies Within the Church.

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