The Social Justice Movement Takes Over CRU19

The Social Justice Movement Takes Over CRU19

CRU, formerly “Campus Crusade for Christ,” has taken a sharp turn to the left within the past few years as social justice takes over more and more Christian organizations. Enemies Within the Church has compiled a montage showing the radical Leftist push within the para-church ministry. According to CRU’s website, the theme for their July staff conference was “celebrating together both the cause that God has called us to and the fact that God also wants us to be…be in His presence and be in love with Him.” You can watch the compilation and decide for yourself whether the theme was in fact God’s calling and love, or social justice, critical race theory, and Democrat Party talking points.

As radical as CRU19 was, it could have been worse. According to a CRU staff worker, screen shots from a private CRU Facebook group reveal that Matt Mikalatos, Program Director for CRU, invited Kaitlin Curtice, who writes for Sojourners, describes herself as “probably a pagan,” and a “Native American Christian mystic,” to speak. An invitation she likely declined, according to a CRU staff worker, when she could not agree with CRU’s statement of faith. Kaitlin wrote on June 5, “I turned down a speaking event for ethical reasons. I was asked to sign a document for a religious org. that basically said I wouldn’t go against their statement of faith in my talk. For them, the statement doesn’t mean much. For me, it meant everything.”

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