Democrat Pretends to Be a Christian in Georgia, Launches Faith-Based Campaign

A Democrat in Georgia, Sarah Riggs Amico – a newly announced Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate who is running against incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue – is curiously launching a faith-based campaign to win Christian voters.

Good luck with that.

The only types of evangelicals who think it’s possible to be both a Democrat and a Christian are the type of worship plants at chapel service. Hippies, Marxists, and animal rights activists all use Christianity like a cheap prostitute whenever it is convenient, citing twisted Bible passages and taking Scripture out of context. Evangelicals aren’t easily fooled by Democrats patronizing actual Christians with a few misquoted Bible passages.

Amico quoted the Bible in her campaign announcement, as though she believed any of it.

Amico said, “You don’t love the neighbor if you shun the poor, the powerless, the least of these. Faith is how I know that nobody should be sick because they’re poor, or poor because they’re sick. That we need to protect and sustain the earth. That we have an obligation to stand up for economic security and social justice no matter the color of your skin or who you love.”

You can watch the video of Amico’s Bible-twisting below.

Notice that the campaign ad starts with a choir of rainbow-splattered queer clergy clapping hands on the protest line, before moving on to a shot of a toddler reading the Jesus Calling children’s Bible.

As UPI points out, the “ad goes on to refer to Scripture several times while outlining a decidedly liberal vision for Georgia that showcases implicit support for immigrants, the environment, abortion rights, people of color and same-sex marriage. The inclusive message is juxtaposed against what she argues are the moral failings of the Trump administration.”

Democrats are fine killing babies up until the time of birth, and if they survived a failed abortion attempt, fine leaving them to die after birth.

Democrats believe in homosexuality, gay marriage, popularizing the mental illness of ‘transgenderism,’ and the sexual exploitation of children at drag queen storytimes.

Democrats believe in theft, and seek to implement policies that allow private property and income to be redistributed to others, in gross violation of the 8th Commandment, “Thou shalt not steal.”

Democrats refuse to enforce immigration laws that prevent human trafficking.

The Democratic platform is little more than a list of Commandments God said not to break, and the only time Democrats reference Scripture is when they are twisting it.

Janet Mefferd responded on her Twitter account…

Of course, Jesus was not “brown-skinned” (the term for Jews is olive-skinned), as Amico’s ad alleges. Jesus was not a refugee (Judea and Egypt were both in the Roman Empire). Jesus was not a “death row inmate” (he was killed by a mob according to the predestined will of God, and did not have a fair trial). Jesus taught charity, not theft (God is against forced wealth redistribution). Jesus ministered to both the poor and the rich.

Evangelicals are well aware when they’re being patronized by fake Christians with anti-Christ party platforms, and the fact that evangelicals are even willing to vote for a man with as many personal moral failings as President Donald Trump demonstrates how much believers despise Democrat public policy.

Democrats seem bewildered by evangelicals who would vote for a man, such as Trump, who is so morally flawed. But then, they go on to publicly denounce religion and become the official party of the godless, which should clarify why evangelicals vote the way they do.

The thought by Sarah Riggs Amico that Democrats can win the evangelical vote is sufficient reason to believe that Democrats don’t know us at all.

[Editor’s Note: HT Reformation Charlotte]


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