Hold On To Your Guns: Democrats Push 3 Major Gun Grabbing Schemes

Peter Desjardin, Air Force Global Strike Command

(NOQ Report)

Like a bad zombie movie from the 60’s the leftists are coming back to attack our basic human rights once again.

They’re back. Once again, as reported in The Daily Caller the authoritarian socialist left is going to make a big push for “Liberty Control” in Congress, beginning September 4th with hearings on three new restrictions on your freedom:

Then the full house returns on September 9th for hearings on Liberty Control. So they are coming back with their usual obsession with exploiting a serious crisis. We’re past the hysterical ‘do something – anything!’ stage, the ‘ban and confiscate guns stage’ and moving through the ‘compromise’ stage. The phase after a ‘serious crisis’ where the patriots of the pro-liberty right have moved on while the liberty grabbers have bided their time knowing the national socialist media will back them up.

Haven’t we seen this movie once before?

The zombie genre has certain tropes, as do the liberty grabbers. In this case they will write things as “It’s been ____ days since the ______ tragedy and the Republicans still have done nothing to restrict freedom even more.” Of course, they can’t use those words  since can’t admit to what they are actually doing.

As is usually the case, they will couch the destruction of liberty in sheer Orwellian terms such as ‘reform’, ‘safety’ or ‘security’. Better yet, they could max out the chutzpah and claim that more restrictions on liberty will bring ‘freedom’ or something. Sometimes you have to admire the audacity of some to go full Orwellian to the point of almost coming out and saying ‘Freedom is Slavery’.

Perhaps it is best to show their absurdity with similar contentions with other recent events of societal violence. Applying the same knee-jerk reactions that illustrate that their obsession with only certain ‘solutions’ prove they have no interest in ‘reform’, ‘safety’ or ‘security’, but only their political power.

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by D Parker. It was originally published at the NOQ Report, title and image changed.]

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