Changes to Polemics Report

Changes to Polemics Report

Hey all you P&P supporters,

There are a few changes to Polemics Report, the official podcast of Pulpit & Pen.

For the last few years, we’ve done a webcast version of Polemics Report, live-streamed from Facebook and then posted to YouTube and turned it into an audio version, made available on the Bible Thumping Wingnut podcast network.

However, this model is no longer working efficiently for us. First, time restraints make it difficult for JD to broadcast at peak times in the evening, and ‘premier’ videos do not have as good interaction as those that are live.

Secondly, we also have numerous podcast sponsors that need to be fit into the audio, and the live nature of the webcast means we sometimes forget to include them.

Third, finding an uninterrupted spare hour (back to the time issue) for JD is sometimes difficult, and being able to break from an audio version and pick up against fits better with his pastoral schedule when real-time emergencies and issues require attention.

You can listen to the audio version for free at this link from Bible Thumping Wingnut, or from your favorite podcatcher like iTunes, Podbean, or Google Podcasts.

However, for our Patreon supporters, they will still be able to get special video interviews between JD Hall and his pals like Cody Libolt or Tim Hurd, or from various guests to discuss different topics. These videos will only be made available to our very valuable Patrons.

This model is necessary because of Free Speech deficiencies with tech companies, and we rely on direct support from our viewers, listeners and readers to remain active and competitive.

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