Salon Forced to Close Because They Refused to Give “Trans-Woman” a Brazilian Wax

Mr. Yaniv, who goes by “Jessica” and pretends to be a woman.

A man pretending to be a woman sashayed into a female home-based salon and demanded to receive a “Brazilian Wax” in his private area. For those who don’t know, the procedure removes hair for ladies’ sensitive areas and is usually done by women for women. When the home-based salon owner refused to perform the procedure on the tranny’s man-parts, he threw a fit, and she was forced to close her business.

First, the LGBTQXYZ lobby came for Christian bakers and then photographers and others in the wedding market. And now…Brazilian waxers?

The Bible certainly takes no stance on private personal grooming, but the salon owner seemed indifferent to religion and said that they have “no problem with the LGBT.” Basically, the woman wasn’t comfortable handling male anatomy in such an intimate and personal way. But that was enough to get Canada’s Human Rights Tribunal involved.

As the National Post reports, Mr. Yaniv, who goes by the fake name ‘Jessica,’ compared the business owner to a Neo-Nazi for refusing the procedure.

Mr. Yaniv told the Human Rights Tribunal, “You cannot choose who your clientele is going to be.” One can only hear echoed the voice of the slave-holders to their human chattel, “You cannot choose who your master is going to be.”

One can only hear echoed the voice of the slave-holders to their human chattel, “You cannot choose who your master is going to be.”

The salon owner, Marcia Da Silva, argued to the Tribunal that she wasn’t comfortable handling male genitalia and that she didn’t have the proper training to navigate those anatomical parts that are more…complicated…when it comes to the waxing technique.

Yaniv argued before the tribunal that “gender identity is all your own.” The problem for Da Silva is that she wasn’t waxing ‘gender identities’ but was waxing actual genitalia.

In court, Da Silva’s attorneys argued that Brazilian waxes are only done on biological females, because the male counterpart to the procedure is called a “Bro-zilian Wax.” Yaniv argued that the term was discriminatory because he believed that he was a woman.

Da Silva closed her home-based business shortly after Yaniv rallied the LGBTQXYZ community to target her for attacks.

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