Good News: More Young People Are “Uncomfortable” Around LGBT

Here’s some good news for you. According to a study by GLAAD, fewer and fewer young people in America are comfortable around homosexuals and the body dysmorphic.

The study conducted by GLAAD, the 2019 Accelerating Acceptance Report, is designed to determine how people feel being around sodomites, those who suffer from gender dysphoria, and the self-mutilated. The report asked individuals how they feel about such things as relatives who are gay, if their kids had a sodomite teacher, or if they saw sodomites holding hands in public.

Although there was virtually no change among most adults, the number of those who feel nothing uncomfortable about such examples (above) in the 18-34 demographic fell by almost ten percentage points. Now, only 45% of adults in that age bracket report having no trepidation when confronted with the LGBT. And this is the second straight year that acceptance of sodomy, self-mutilation, and gender dysphoria has fallen.

GLAAD, of course, is lamenting this fact. The rest of us – especially those who care about young people – should be celebrating the fact that young people are increasingly exercising caution.

One atheist blog put it this way, “I’m sure the Trump administration is pleased. What else can you expect from a Republican Party that bends over backward to ban transgender soldiers from the military or protect the rights of business owners to discriminate against gay couples? When bashing LGBTQ people is popular among an entire political party, it’s no wonder some of that trickles into the broader culture.”

Of course, it’s unlikely that the Trump administration, highly unpopular in the 18-34 age bracket, is influencing them to distrust the LGBT. It’s far more likely that this generation, more exposed to LGBT culture than any generation that preceded it, has seen the dark, ugly, disfigured underbelly of the LGBT “community.”

When you’re forced as a kid to attend drag queen story times at public libraries and have mentally-ill, horrifying-looking tranny-clowns groom you like prey from the time you’re knee-high to a grasshopper, I’m sure you’re likely to develop a healthy distrust of the entire movement.

What the LGBT lobby has done is shove queerness down the throats of our young people and they are, little by little, growing to resent it. All that it takes to truly reject homosexuality or gender-confused bodily mutilation is to get a good look at it. Kids of this generation have been given a front row seat.

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