Drag Queen Story Time Video: “This is What Demonic Possession Looks Like”

According to evangelical homosexual, Jonathan Merritt (who approves of crossdresser story time), so-called “drag queens” are “just trying to find ways to serve their communities.” In reality, these are severely mentally disturbed people – many of them pedophiles – who are grooming children for predation (the statistics bear this out, and more than one such story time has been shut down because it was full of pedophiles). A new video released from a Washington state library shows that the kids aren’t really getting stories…they’re getting corrupted by inhumane displays of mental illness.

Likening the tranny’s actions to the demonic, one Twitter user said, “This is what demonic possession looks like.”

It appears that the cross-dressing man was performing some kind of lip-syncing act, which was accompanied by guttural growling while on all fours. While it may not necessarily prove demonic possession, it indeed looks demonic in nature. And furthermore, it’s a grown man in a dress, on all fours, painted up like a woman, growling like a dog at children.

This is what Jonathan Merritt claims “serving the community” looks like.

Watch below.

The event was held at the Renton Public Library and advertised “safer sex presentations,” a drag show, “free swag,” and a raffle. And most disturbingly, the event was specifically for pre-teen children.

According to activist Kaeley Triller Harms, the event also offered “chest binders to help eight self-hating girls mutilate their bodies.” A chest binder is designed to conceal a woman’s breasts, and gift cards were given to eight winners so they could purchase the body-altering attire.

The event also gave away material advertising the PreEP vaccine, which is designed to reduce the risk of obtaining HIV when engaged in sexual encounters with those who already have HIV.

This is more than just exposing our kids to transgenderism and mental illness. This is exposing our kids to the occult.

[Editor’s Note: HT Lifesite News]

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