These 3 Outrageous Posts Prove ‘Teen Vogue’ Is An Abomination

These 3 Outrageous Posts Prove ‘Teen Vogue’ Is An Abomination

If you have yet to figure it out, “Teen Vogue” should be as far from your daughter’s hands as possible. Over the years, “Teen Vogue” — which is targeted to teenage girls — has posted scores of outrageous, over-sexualized left-wing content, including the promotion of prostitution (a.k.a. “sex work”), a how-to on obtaining an abortion without parental consent, and an explicit guide on anal sex.

On Sunday, the magazine promoted a piece published in April titled, “Why Sex Work Is Real Work,” gushing on Twitter: “Yes, sex work is real work!”

“[C]ontinued criminalization of sex work and sex workers is a form of violence by governments and contributes to the high level of stigma and discrimination,” the magazine told their teenaged readers. “A systematic review and meta-analysis led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), for instance, has found that sex workers who have experienced ‘repressive policing’ (including arrest, extortion, and violence from police) are three times more likely to experience sexual or physical violence.”

As noted by Brandon Morse at RedState, “The article even goes through the typical steps of talking about how this sex work falls under the umbrella of feminism, and that prostitutes suffer from police violence. The only positive thing it attributes to prostitution is the fact that legalized prostitution adds to the economy. Otherwise, it’s a woe-is-them article that doesn’t really justify why it’s shining a positive light on letting strangers pay to have sex with you to teen girls.”

Last week, “Teen Vogue” advised girls on how to obtain an abortion without their parents’ consent. Fox News reported:

Parents are blasting Teen Vogue for a recent “sexual health and identity” column that instructs a pregnant minor on how to end a pregnancy without telling her parents because “having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

“It can be tricky,” Nona Willis Aronowitz writes in a “How to Get an Abortion If You’re a Teen” article advising a 16-year-old reader with “anti-choice” parents how to skirt the legal system if parental consent laws are in that state to terminate a pregnancy.

The magazine is known for framing abortion as empowering and pro-feminist to its readers. According to NewsBusters, in just the months of January and February of 2017, “Teen Vogue” pushed abortion over 63 times; one of the posts included gift ideas for a post-abortion friend.

In July of 2017, “Teen Vogue” published a disturbing “anal 101” sex guide, complete with sex toy advice, The Daily Wire reported:

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Amanda Prestigiacomo and originally published at The Daily Wire.]

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