After Raid: California Christian School Ordered to Allow Children to Explore Sexuality

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A California case that began with police raiding a private Christian boarding school could have major implications for religious education in the state, attorneys for the school are warning.

River View Christian Academy in rural Northern California was raided in January by 16-armed law enforcement officials who were accompanied by two canine units and 17 social workers. Internet rumors had surfaced accusing the school of housing illegal drugs and weapons prompting the search. Despite law enforcement finding nothing, the legal case continued, attorneys say.

The Pacific Justice Institute is representing the school, which is run by the non-profit Teen Rescue and assists troubled teens. The school receives no government money. 

At issue is the state’s contention that River View is not a private Christian school but instead an “unlicensed community care facility,” a category that would warrant further regulations. 

“Some of those regulations stand at odds with the mission and goals of a Christian school,” Kevin Snider of the Pacific Justice Institute said on The Dacus Report podcast, which is hosted by Pacific Justice president Brad Dacus.

River View has operated as a private Christian school for the past 25 years and files an annual affidavit with the state Department of Education. 

The state wants to bring River View under supervision of the state’s Department of Social Services. A new state law (SB524) gives the state more authority to regulate boarding schools.

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Michael Foust and originally published at Christian Headlines. Title changed by P&P.]

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