Psychic Sends Angelic Sympathy Cards to Families Who Have Not Lost A Child

Residents across Auckland have been left “disturbed and upset” after receiving handwritten letters claiming their loved ones have died when they haven’t.

Police said they were aware of several reports of these letters across Auckland and were investigating.

The hand-written cards have been sent to residents in West Auckland, the North Shore, South Auckland and Ellerslie.

Recently, a woman who lives in the Waiuku area shared a post revealing she found a “with sympathy” card in her mailbox and thought it was a “sick joke” as she hadn’t suffered a loss.

Inside the card, a person has handwritten that “this message has come to me from angels who are with you. We wish you to know that your daughter is with you in spirit”.

“Your daughter is very well and she would like you to be happy to know that you will meet again in heaven some day.”

The resident said she shared the letters to make people aware in case they have been put in a similar situation.

“We found this misguided card in our letterbox. After sharing it on our local grapevine there seems to be a few others who have received similar cards.

“Someone else received a similar message, nearly identical words and handwriting, on the North Shore a few months ago.

“By sharing it I’m hoping it can seem less personal to anybody else unfortunate enough to have been in the firing line and fingers crossed it will stop whoever is writing them.”

She said the letters had the correct name and address to each resident and were “personal to the family receiving them”.

A woman from Clevedon revealed that she got the same card a few weeks ago with the same handwriting.

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written and originally published at the New Zealand Herald. Title changed by P&P.]

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