Let Me Break Facebook Community Standards A Few More Times…

Yeah, so…I got kicked off Facebook. Again. It turns out that for an inclusive community, Facebook excludes a lot of people.

Oh, sure. They don’t’ have a problem with child molesters, sex-traffickers, actual terrorist organizations, or Russian troll farms (these are all things Facebook has allowed without much interference). But for me and my Christian publishing organization, we’re the ones exiled from the global community through the executive fiat of some latte-sipping morphodite technocrat in Silicon Valley.

I was banned from Facebook for saying Bruce Jenner a man (he is a man). I was banned from Facebook for saying that transgenderism is a mental illness (it is, according to the American Psychiatric Association). It doesn’t help that The Gospel Coalition writers are explicitly calling for Facebook to ban me for criticizing them and their acolytes. It doesn’t help that evangelical leaders and the LGBT are teaming up to get the tech giants to demonetize our platforms. Heck, the first time I was sent to Facebook jail it was for calling Ed Stetzer a “honky cracker” (it was in jest, but some honky cracker with a bad case of white guilt in Menlo Park didn’t see it that way).

I honestly don’t know who wants me off Facebook worse, left-leaning liberals or the Evangelical Intelligentsia.

Silly me. Same difference.


Facebook is busy banning conservatives, sitting them into temporary time-outs like bony-fingered schoolmarms, only in real life they’re entitled rich kids in faggy pants, deciding which memes are doubleplusgood and which ones are thoughtcrimes. A few weeks ago, Facebook banned a user for posting a Paul Washer sermon. Late last year, Facebook banned Franklin Graham for using “dehumanizing language” in reference to the LGBTQXYZLMNO-Can’t-Keep-Track. Earlier this year, Facebook was banning people for posting this meme that counted genders (hint: there are two). Instagram (owned by Facebook) banned Don Trump Jr for questioning Jussie Smollett’s false victimology narrative.

So, whenever leftist evangelicals figure out how to rile up enough leftists to complain about one of our posts, the social media gods of Silicon Valley see fit to throw us back into the bad-boy chair in the corner. The reason being banned is never specific, and they never ever answer an appeal.

Facebook’s “community standards” are arbitrary, capricious, and finicky. For them, “community standards” are actually not standard at all. Standards don’t change (by definition), but Facebook’s policies are as fluid as the gender identity of whatever symbiotic borg specimen is flipping switches at Facebook’s headquarters. “Community standards” is just shorthand for, “our attempt at controlling culture by steering public discourse in a way that causes as little offense as possible.”

Our Facebook Group, the Pulpit Bunker, was asked if we wanted to be quarantined as ‘Christian.’ No thanks. We prefer to be in the Public Marketplace to make a difference, not sitting at the kid’s table, prattling on in the peanut gallery. This is not about steering people TO your group, but steering them AWAY from your group.

Let me be clear: Facebook’s capricious community standards offend me. Does that matter?

So then, Facebook and I play whack-a-mole. They’ll censor one account and I’ll pop back up in another. They ban for 30 days here and there, hoping I learn my lesson, thinking that I (who to them am just one figure in a very large string of numbers representing an algorithm) can be socially engineered. My goal is to keep my thoughts in the Public Marketplace of Ideas until Zuckerberg launches Skynet and ends all of us.

Here’s the thing about ideas, though…they’re pretty resilient.

I kept thinking to myself a title for this post, something along the lines of “Damn Your Community Standards.” I asked the editors, “You can use that word without ‘swearing,’ right? Like in the Biblical sense?” They didn’t answer my question, which translates to, “Please don’t.”

Where’s my King James Bible so I can use that word properly? Don’t make me use the KJV. I will if I have to.

I’m absolutely serious. Facebook’s community standards are damned.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20

By whose standard ought we to live our lives? By whose standard ought we to judge our behavior? By whose standard ought we to judge our speech?

I suggest to you that all these things ought to be judged by the standards provided by God Almighty as revealed in his Holy Book. It’s archaic, but the alternative is judging these things by the standards of whatever trained social justice monkey is setting the algorithms at Facebook. We can choose an ancient, trans-cultural Book of immutable standards by which we live our lives or we can live our lives according to the pop-up warnings sent to us in Messenger.

If it’s Facebook versus The Book, it seems like a simple choice.

So then, in case it’s heretofore nebulous as to where I stand on Facebook community standards, let me see how many of their standards I can break in a single article. If I’m going to break their self-contrived laws, let it be with malice. If I’m going to be held, let it be in contempt.


If you’re born a male or a female, you stay that way. The term Birth Gender has one word too many.

If you chop off your penis you’re an emasculated man. If you’re a female and you sew something on, you’re not a woman. You’re just gross.

Makeup doesn’t make you a woman. But if you’re a woman, it could make you prettier. If you’re a man it just makes you scare children.

No one in the history of the world has been transgender because gender can’t be transitioned. Transgenderism doesn’t exist any more than the elusive Sasquatch. But mark my words; if we ever find that Sasquatch, it will know its own gender.

How you ‘identify’ doesn’t change reality. For example, Kyle J. Howard identifies as an oppressed black man, but he’s an over-privileged (just-as) white man. You are entitled to opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Jussie Smollett is not a victim. Elizabeth Warren is not Cherokee. Rachel Dolezal is not black. Kyle J. Howard was never a gang member.

Our nation should pass legislation that outlaws all abortion, criminalizes it the same as other forms of homicide, and punishes parents as harshly as the abortionists who perform the procedure. Then, we should put an express lane on death row for those who are convicted, giving them one appeal, which they can receive at the judgment seat of God in person.

I don’t care if you’re white. I don’t care if you’re black. I don’t care if you identify as camouflage. You’re not entitled to anything but life (see above), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (which you won’t ever achieve if you stay an entitled brat).

Donald Trump is probably as lost as a goose in a snow storm. There is nothing about Trump’s life or testimony that indicates he’s a born-again Christian. However, Trump will receive evangelical support because the other choice is a long line of Democratic presidential candidates who think you should save criminals from death row and use the womb as a gas chamber. At least the blood of babies doesn’t run down his chin like the infanticidal monsters on the other side of the aisle who treat abortion like a holy sacrament.

We should absolutely allow Muslims (of any ethnicity) to become Citizens of the United States…right after they denounce Islam and put them on a polygraph to make sure they’re not practicing Taqiya. Sorry, but Shariah is not compatible with our system of government.

We should not allow people from nations that sponsor terrorism to come to the United States. Or if we do, we should not let them leave the District of Columbia.

Western culture is demonstrably, verifiably, and objectively superior to other cultures. No, I did not say Westerners. I said Western Culture. No, I did not say “white people.” There are lots of non-Caucasians in Western Culture. I am saying that Western Culture, founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs (complete with political and economic philosophies originating with Reformed Protestant theologians) is superior to other cultures. To reiterate, this has nothing to do with race whatsoever. In fact…

I don’t think races exist. There are ethnicities, none of whom are innately superior to any other. “Race,” however, is a biologically untenable social construct that doesn’t scientifically (or theologically) exist.

There are “S%@-Hole Countries,” as Trump called them. I’ve been there. You know it, we know it, they know it. Pretending like every culture or nation is equal in quality is stupid.

Government officials demand to know why Citizens need scary-looking guns. I’ll answer the question as honestly as I can. They’re for shooting government officials who try to take away our rights.

If you think slavery is okay, you’re horrible. If you believe in wealth redistribution through coerced taxation, you believe in slavery.

The modern welfare state has objectively hurt ethnic minorities in America more than antebellum slavery. Being fatherless is a greater plight upon a person or people than being forced into a life of servitude. You’re better off with a slave as a father than with no father at all. I think the Democratic Party uses black people worse than pre-1863 Southern plantations.

Women don’t need to go to seminary, because they shouldn’t be preachers. Seminary is designed to equip those in the ministerial office, not girls who want to ‘go deeper in the Word.’ You don’t need to know Greek to make a sandwich.


Everything I just wrote included a degree of hyperbole. It was written with a serrated edge. It was an exaggerated expression of a real view which I hold that, if given more time, would be stated far more articulately and/or diplomatically.

But what if there wasn’t hyperbole?

Why can I not be left alone with my thoughts? Why does the ‘community’ discriminate against certain ideas but not others?

I’m telling you right now that Facebook is not attempting to censor your thoughts as much as they are trying to change your thoughts. The attempt to censor speech is nothing short of an attempt to censor thoughts. And when they begin censoring thoughts in our head, our brain is rewired. Our thoughts evolve to avoid censorship in a ‘chilling effect.’

So, ban me again, Facebook. I’ll not be chastened or lectured by you. My brain is my own, and my thoughts are free.


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