Feminist Wanna-Be Preacher Admits She's an Addict

Feminist Wanna-Be Preacher Admits She’s an Addict

Jory Micah

Jory Micah is an aspiring preacher who wants to self-actualize her potential by amassing a religious following, as though the pastorate was a mere vocation. She is grossly unqualified to pastor at church, lead a Bible study, teach a children’s VBS, or pray during small group. Being a woman has only a little bit to do with her lack of pastoral qualifications, which are mostly entwined in her ignorance of the Scripture and hatred of the God of the Bible. Most recently, Micah admitted that she just came out of rehab for addiction.

We have previously written about Micah here, here, here, here, here, and here. Whenever Micah feels shunned by the evangelical church, she claims that it’s because she’s a woman. It could be, perhaps, it’s because she’s an addict, lacks the fruit of the spirit of self-control (Galatians 5:23), which precludes addiction and is required of all spiritual leaders (Titus 1:8).

Nonetheless, virtually the entire time Jory Micah has been demanding preaching spots in America’s churches, she has been addicted to a substance.

Micah was just released from rehab on March 4 of this year, which is the fourth rehab she has attended and the second she didn’t escape from. She spent 41 days within the facility, and we are very happy that Micah has completed the treatment program.

Micah reported on her blog that she had learned a lot in rehab, and it was mostly a list of excuses for her behavior.

Micah wrote, “I also learned that the real world is filled with many people who will be two-faced, gossipers and back-stabbers. I tend to run from folks like this, but this time I could not run. Running meant running back to constant health issues combined with the disease of addiction.”

She continued, “I learned a lot about how addiction actually alters one’s brain and it does seem that I am genetically prone to addiction (as well as mental illness) based off my family history.”

It was also self-flattering, as Micah said, “It seems evident that addicts are often of high intelligence and/or creative geniuses, which is why we see so many artists and inventors struggle with this disease (which often starts as an attempt to self-medicate underlying, undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses).”

Micah reveals that she has been addicted to prescription drugs. Regarding her role as a ‘faith leader’ and comparing herself to a friend who died from an overdoes who was also a “faith leader,” Micah said:

When these things happen, people wonder what in the world compelled such a young brilliant minister to make such a decision to pick up again; but we don’t have to wonder because we know the answer: the disease of addiction.

Addiction is a relentless, progressive, chronic, incurable sickness and it does not discriminate against spiritual people or faith leaders. 

We should pray for Jory Micah in her battle against addiction. If her husband loved her, he would encourage her to forgo the desire to be a spiritual leader and take care of herself, “for if one cannot manage their house, how can they manage the household of God” (1 Timothy 3:5)?

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