Pastor Says Clayton Jennings Sent ‘Nudes’ to 16-Year-Old, Police Notified

Clayton Jennings – once billed as “the new Billy Graham” – had his career as an itinerant evangelist scuttled when Pulpit & Pen began to report the accounts of various women who provided testimonies of his deep sexual problems and perceived spiritual abuse. A licensed minister of Harbor Shores church in Noblesville, Indiana, Jennings became a Facebook and Instagram icon, where he posted his ‘Spoken Word’ videos extolling Jesus and himself.

However, the evidence against Clayton was incontrovertible. Taking careful precaution not to expose the identities of these brave young women, we forwarded the screenshot and audio evidence to independent publications who could verify our reporting. We also sent the evidence to Jennings’ elders, who revoked his ministry license and ended his father’s professional relationship with the church (his father knew about his son’s use of the ministry as a means to sexually prey upon naive young women but chose not to act). Soon, Jennings’ mentor, Tony Nolan, announced that Jennings was leaving the restoration process, primarily because Jennings didn’t want to leave social media and work on his repentance. Penguin Books pulled his forthcoming book. Other forthcoming projects were canceled. Jennings had fallen among the ranks of other famous evangelists who were not walking what they were talking.

Catching us by surprise several weeks ago, Jennings began to threaten and intimidate the victims who had come forward, and told them if they did not recant he would release information about them, alluding to sensual photos and personal identities. Jennings held true to his promise, and ‘doxed’ his victims one by one, stating their names and employers and showing photos he used to claim they were “sluts” who entrapped him.

Of course, Pulpit & Pen is aware of many more women with similar stories, who simply didn’t want their stories put out there for Jennings to ruthlessly attack.

Jennings also began to attack me personally, as well as some of my other investigative journalists like Seth Dunn, and began to threaten death to anyone who continues to [report the facts regarding his debauchery]. Jennings repeatedly challenged me to fight him, claimed he was coming to my state to hunt “big fat game” (that would be me) and issued an actual death threat on Instagram, for which the FBI was notified. He went on to do a Spoken Word video in which – after using nearly every form of profanity known to man and repeatedly bragging about his genitals – claimed multiple times that my wife thinks about him when we make love. He even made threats to my children before stopping to say, “ah-hah, just kidding” in a dubiously devilish way.

Jennings has weaponized his million or so social media followers by convincing them that I am a “bully” (enlisting the help a disgraced and now defunct evangelical charlatan who has been brought down by his own scandals, Ergun Caner) and that someone out there had somehow threatened his wife and daughter (screenshots or evidence from Clayton have not been presented). Even pronouncing himself a ‘defender of women,’ Jennings tried to enlist the help of the #churchtoo movement to defend his actions and help attack the victims of his abuse (it didn’t work).

In his most recent videos, Jennings shows clear anger toward God, says he doubts the Bible and doubts Jesus, and credits the rap artist, Eminem, with teaching him more about God than the church.

It appears that part of Jennings strategy is to shut down those exposing him. Someone with an IP from Noblesville, Indiana set about to hack the P&P website and Jennings’ victims’ personal computers and accounts.

Denouncing the title ‘minister’ and so publicly going over to the dark side of profanity, anger, and celebration of sin, along with the doxing of his victims has been referred by many as the “Clayton Jennings Meltdown.”

It began to make more sense when we discovered that even more women – at our count, approximately 8, came forward with more recent stories of clergy sexual misconduct. Although Jennings might dismiss such women as “whores” and “sluts” who entrapped him, the sheer volume of women that Jennings has taken advantage of under the title of “preacher” is overwhelming.

Jennings rushed to make Spoken Word poems confessing different misdeeds as soon as we first reported them. After writing about his drug use, Jennings admitted it. After recent women had come forward, Jennings admitted to adultery during his marriage. After we wrote about nude photos floating around (and the threat that he would release the nude photos of others), Jennings admitted it in a Spoken Word a day or so later.

Jennings’ endless confessions (which his fans say means that he’s “real” and “transparent”) only come after it’s been written about here at this news site.

However, the real reason for Jennings’ “all or nothing” meltdown seems to be his awareness that the law is getting closer and closer to prosecuting him for acts that are criminal. Until recently, the bulk of his misdeeds have been in the realm of morality rather the legality. Yesterday, things seem to have changed. Parents began to post on Jennings’ Instagram:

That comment was soon deleted by Jennings. However, some came forward in person.

A North Carolina pastor has stepped forward to acknowledge that Jennings (age 32) has sent photographs of his genitalia to an underaged, 16-year-old girl in his congregation. He spoke about Jennings, the nude photos, the young girl, and how law enforcement is now involved in the situation on his radio broadcast, Brutal Planet.

You can listen below.

Jennings admitted to sending ‘nudes’ in his “anti-bullying” video (replete with lots of bullying of innocent victims) entitled “Death to Bullies,” at about the 27.23 mark. Jennings did not say that his nudes were sent to or solicited from minors.

Proper legal authorities have been notified and are taking appropriate legal action.

For Jennings’ fans currently being weaponized to attack this publication or the innocent women he doxed, bullied, and blackmailed, grasp the reality that this has been done to deflect from the reality that Jennings is not a hero of bullies, but is the bully. Jennings is now allegedly caught for ‘sexting’ underaged girls. And according to reports, those girls’ parents are going after him hard and pursuing every legal avenue for the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Looking back, it makes so much more sense now. Jennings, facing possible prison time, knew he had nothing to lose and so he threw all the intimidation he could muster at the press outlet that reported his abuse (including very public death threats) and the women who had come forward, all in an attempt to intimidate those who had yet to come forward.

In a moment of desperate panic, it appears that Jennings threw away his ‘ministry’ in a heartbeat (but not his fame) in order to say the vulgar things necessary to intimidate his victims in a hail-Mary attempt to save his freedom. If he could successfully bully news sites and victims to recant or not come forward, he had a chance at covering up his misdeeds.

It didn’t work. In the end, it may just be a 16-year-old alleged victim of Clayton Jennings who will be his undoing.

How fitting. The women who already bravely came forward did so under the belief there were even younger, more vulnerable girls who would be abused by Jennings if his behavior didn’t stop. As Jennings has ruthlessly attacked them in recent days, it seems that one of those younger, more vulnerable girls is the one who will finally and bravely end this sordid affair.

Hopefully, honest surveyors of the situation can now see what Jennings has attempted to do. He has attempted to rebrand himself as a women’s advocate and victim advocate and painted the truth-tellers as “bullies,” all the while being an abuser and predator of women who very likely will end up behind bars.

Please pray for Clayton Jennings that he will respond appropriately to this news, and serve as no threat to himself or others.

[Editor’s Note: Although P&P or our investigators have spoken to certain other women who have come forward through the Pastor, we have not spoken to this particular victim, believing that it is best to leave the matter up to professional counselors and advocates who are most able to help minors]


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