The Difference Between This ‘Transgender’ Rage-Monster and Lady Pastors is Marginal

First, let me start by striving for factual accuracy. The person you see in this video is not “transgender.” No one has ever been “transgender” in the history of the world, because gender doesn’t transition on account of it being biological. And because biology doesn’t change because you wear pink, nip and tuck, or cut and sever, being “trans” isn’t a thing.

Secondly, I feel sorry for the clerk.

He is being towered over by a considerably larger, clearly deranged, intentionally grotesque, and angry man who looks like he wants the clerk to ‘rub the lotion on its skin.’


The man who – ironically enough – has too much testosterone which makes him Hulk-like angry, was acting characteristically male in every way. He was raising his (deep) voice, acting aggressively, kicking objects and acting violently, and threatening the clerk with physical harm. Of course, none of these things are any more feminine than the man’s appearance, which was not feminine at all.

What most offends “transgender” people, when they are “misgendered,” is that it awakens them from their daydreams and their lifetime leisurely stroll through the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Señor Tranny probably looked at himself in the rearview, puckered his lips to dark cherry lip balm, and blew a kiss to himself before sashaying into the Gamestop only to receive the rude awakening of being called “sir.” I’ve dealt with trannies enough doing street evangelism to know that they’re actually under the very real delusion that they are the opposite sex. And no matter how poorly is their gender disguise, they are convinced that everyone except them is fooled by their cross-dressing. When you correctly ‘gender’ them, they lose it.

The clerk in the video, of course, didn’t think that the angry Hulk tranny was a woman, but he was willing to lie. Unfortunately, this was your standard tranny and not your Miss Universe level tranny, and so the clerk’s subconscious couldn’t stop saying “sir” (hilarious).


“Pastor” Nadia Bolz-Weber…

No. No, I’m not going to call you ma’am, Miss, or a feminine pronoun. I’m not going to call you that because that’s a lie. I’m also not going to call you that because it’s not helpful to you personally because you need to be told that you’re behaving deplorably and are making a giant donkey of yourself.

The tranny’s sin here is that God did not make him to be her. God made him to be a him. He’ll always be a him. So essentially, the tranny is refusing to submit to the gender and the accompanying gender roles God gave him. In this case, the creature looks back at the creator and denies that the creator can assign for him a role in life.

What if I told you that what you witnessed in the When Trannies Attack video (above) that the sin displayed is not exponentially different from Beth Moore, Jackie Hill Perry, Jory Micah, Christine Caine, Joyce Meyer, or Nadia Bolz-Weber when they stand behind the pulpit to preach?

Did God tell the testosterone-drenched cross-dresser to act like a woman? No.

Did God tell these female preachers to act like men? No.

I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. – 1 Timothy 2:12

The only real difference between the gender-bending that you see in this video and that which you see by women preaching is that one occurred in a GameStop and the other occurs in (ostensibly) the Lord’s House. Which one do you think is more blasphemous?

The authoritative exposition of Scripture (known as preaching) is a role for men (regardless the audience), as well as the role of pastor.

If anyone aspires to the office of pastor, he desires a noble task.  Therefore an elder must be above reproach, the husband of one wife….1 Timothy 3:1-2

A woman cannot be a man, and a man cannot be a woman. Likewise, a woman cannot be a pastor and a pastor cannot be a woman.

“Call me pastor.”

How ’bout no. We’ve got other words for that like impastor, shastor, pastrix, etc. But pastor? No. No, because that’s a lie. It’s not who God made you to be.

One of the manliest things a man can do is preach. One of the manliest things a woman can do is preach. But she shouldn’t. To take upon herself that role is to bend gender. It’s uncivilized, unladylike, unChristian, and ungodly.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, lady pastors pull off “preaching” about as well as this tranny pulled off “woman.”


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