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Pulpit & Pen stands for good Christian doctrine and opposes theological compromise. 

The top 10 posts of 2018 include:

Why Hillsong Music is Dangerous for Your Church

Greg Locke Divorces Wife, Finds New Girlfriend 

Greg Locke, American Pastor

After Coming Out As Atheist, Pastor Keeps Job 

To Lauren Daigle, Re Sin/Homosexuality

A Pastor’s Wife Breaks Free of Beth Moore 

A Letter Back to Beth Moore from Seth Dunn 

Beth Moore Confronts Young Pastor’s Wife for Criticizing Her Direct, Divine Revelation

Beth Moore Has Man Get on His Knees, Apologize on Behalf of All Men

A Top Free Mason Speaks Out Against the Craft 

So far in 2018, Pulpit & Pen has published more than a thousand articles, news stories, and commentaries about the most important discernment issues of our day. 

2018 was our most influential year yet, with so far, nearly seven million visits to our news site. 

However, we also faced severe challenges of censorship. P&P was severely throttled on Facebook for much of the year. P&P’s publisher was banned from Facebook twice. Our critics called out for an all-out social media boycott of P&P (which failed miserably). As our readership has grown, so has the number of our critics. 

We need your help to continue getting out our posts and articles, despite the self-induced censorship of the evangelical community. 

Here’s how you can help. 

Share Pulpit & Pen in Social Media

Post our article on your Facebook page and Twitter account. Be prepared to brace yourself, as the H8rs will come your way. Politely remind them that the facts Pulpit & Pen presents are incontrovertible, and if they don’t like our conservative Christian commentary, it doesn’t negate the facts we present. Look for the social media share buttons at the end of articles.

Like our Facebook Page

You can find our open and public Facebook Page here. When you ‘like’ the page it increases the liklihood that others will like the page and follow it to receive our information updates and conservative Christian commentary. You can like the page here. 

Join the Pulpit Bunker

This is a closed group, but all you have to do to join is ask. It’s a great place to meet other P&P supporters and to stay informed. Many times, the folks in that Facebook group will be able to answer your questions when P&P contributors cannot. You can join it here

Support Us on Patreon

We rely on our Patreon supporters. Different levels of supporters get different gifts for their support. Support at $5.95, $34.95, or $49.95 per month and get special access to special stuff. Find our Patreon account here

Support Us via Paypal

Some of our patrons don’t want to support us on Patreon because of conscientious objection to that company (they do some censorship, too). We want you to know that you can support up on Paypal by sending it to You can give either monthly or a one-time financial gift. 

Support Us Regulary via the U.S. Mail

You can send a regular financial gift to Fellowship Baptist Church, in care of Polemics Report, at 2181 W Holly St., Sidney MT 59270.

Support our GoFundMe

This GoFundMe is important to get done so that JD can finish he book on the rise of Marxism in evangelical Christianity. You can give a one-time gift and receive various gifts for your support, here

Make a Year-End Charitable Gift

You can send a year-end financial gift at the address above, Fellowship Baptist Church, in care of Polemics Report, at 2181 W Holly St., Sidney MT 59270, or at any of the other means listed above. 

Leave a Positive Review on iTunes

It will help our podcast to rank higher and get more people involved and listening if you leave a positive, five star review. You can leave a review on iTunes here


Bringing you discernment news and commentary from a biblical, polemical perspective means it is tough out there on social media. We’re constantly getting kneecapped and constrained by tech companies who find our fidelity to the scripture and pursuit of truth to be intolerable, resulting in our reach being severely throttled.

For this reason, we ask you please consider supporting us a few different ways. The first, by liking and following our new Facebook page, our home where we share new posts and interact with our members. The second, by following and retweeting our Twitter page. The third, by signing up for our newsletter below.

And last, through direct support. You can catch our free weekly episodes of the Polemics Report by subscribing at BTWN. If you like what you hear and desire to hear more, you can get the VIP full-length version for only $5.95 per month on Patreon. Also, you get other freebies for additional monthly pledges.

Subscribe to us on Patreon here and support our ministry.

God bless!

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