You Must Listen to this Sermon: Preachers or Witch Doctors?

There is a fine line between the religion of the Holy Bible and the superstition of false religion. In fact, in Acts 22, when Paul tells them at the Aeropagus, “People of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious” he uses the word δεισιδαιμονεστέρους, which can mean either “religious” or “superstitious” depending upon the interpretation of the translator. In fact, the KJV most likely interprets the word more accurately than the ESV, as it renders it superstitious in light of the pagans to whom Paul was speaking.

Today’s charismatism is replete not with religion, but with superstition. Binding and casting out ailments with superstitious incantations, words and phrases designed to decree and declare things into existence, mumbo jumbo religious rituals not found in scripture, omen interpretation, astrology, and ecstatic utterance are all par for the course in both pagan superstitions and supposedly Christian charismaticism.

This is an excellent message from Conrad Mbewe, who has seen the line blur between the two in his native Africa. You will truly be blessed by this message.

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