Podcast: Steven Anderson Joins Us to Take James White's Orthodoxy Test

On this episode of Polemics Report, Steven Anderson briefly joins to program to take James White’s orthodoxy test by which he Whitewashed Michael Brown. Anderson passes with flying colors, and then JD goes on to explain why you shouldn’t endorse Steven Anderson anyway. Hopefully, some people will learn their lesson.
Then, JD discusses the SBC promoting a Papist as a “Gospel preacher,” and then moves on to the “sheep beating” of Ben Fitzgerald and Greg Locke. JD review Greg Locke’s recent sermon and demonstrates what appears to be plagiarism, and then Locke yelling out the name of a church member who had criticized him, calling them names and telling others he’ll shout out and shame them from the pulpit as well.
As always, you can listen at Bible Thumping Wingnut or click to listen below.

Steven Anderson, Greg Locke and More…

January 16, 2018
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