“In Jesus’ Name, Pee!” Bethel Child Miraculously Healed by…Western Medicine.

Bethel Redding’s healing patriarch, Bill Johnson, with a finger splint and eyeglasses.


We are so very glad that the young boy we previously asked you to pray for at Bethel Church in Redding is doing better. In that post, we pointed out that the child of Bethel Music CEO, Joel Taylor, was desperately sick. As we wrote before:

Bethel Church in Redding, California is known as the epicenter of the faith-healing movement in America. Its leader, Bill Johnson, wrote in Charisma Mag that all believers have the same exact power and authority as Jesus to heal illness. Johnson promises that with enough faith, anyone can heal. The worship services of Bethel are full of testimonies of people being healed of various invisible ailments. Unsubstantiated claims of more impressive healings – even raising the dead – are made at Bethel. Bethel Church has “healing rooms” where you can schedule an appointment to receive physical healing. In fact, Bethel Church hosts the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation, which teaches faith healers how to lengthen legs and do psychosomatic parlor tricks. Supposedly, the power of God manifests itself so strongly at Bethel that they see “glory clouds” and angel feathers falling from the rafters. Johnson, in the Charisma Mag article linked above, said, “We ought not leave our ministry base until we are clothed with dunamis—power from on high.”

Sadly, some of Bill Johnson’s church members have had to leave Bethel’s ministry base without that “dunamis power” (which they interpret as the power to do healings, signs and wonders). They have had to leave and go to UC Davis Medical Center in order to save the life of their child.

Thankfully, due to God’s providential kindness and his graciousness through the means of medical intervention, the boy is reportedly better. His ailment turns out to be E Coli. Thanks to God and doctors, he has improved.

We received hundreds of emails from Bethel supporters begging us to remove our post because it was insensitive. Most “demanded” we “immediately” take the post down, and we responded to many this way:


Thanks for emailing me about our post about Bethel Church’s inability to heal. Someone associated with Bethel (including Pastor Eric, who has emailed us along with you) has asked you to email us to remove the article. A few things, here…

First, no. Demanding we remove articles will not work. Right off the bat, no questions asked, without reservation, no. We don’t remove articles.

Second – and perhaps you missed it – we specifically said, “We should pray for his healing and God can heal him.” We then linked the Go Fund Me account in case people would like to contribute. Please don’t waste your time telling us how God CAN heal. We know He can. We are supernaturalists. Furthermore, do not tell us that we should pray for him, as we have prayed for him AND encouraged others to pray for him.

Third, we understand it is a time of sadness. We get that. We would point you to Luke 13, in which the crowd just told Jesus about the brand new “news” that Jews were massacred in the temple. What an awful day! And yet, Jesus’ response in the midst of that sadness was, “Repent, lest ye likewise perish.” Jesus knew that the tragedy that was taking place in the temple – even as the blood was still on the ground – was an opportunity for people to think about their doctrinal error and Jesus knew that some would be pointed to the Truth by it. We are told in 2 Timothy 4:2 to reprove and rebuke and exhort in good season and bad (other translations may say “convenient and inconvenient” or “easy and hard”).

We believe firmly that you are in a cult. Bethel Church in Redding is a false church representing a false Christ, exhibiting false signs and wonders, teaching a false gospel, and propagating a false pneumatology. While some of your emails have said, “God can heal anyone anytime he wants,” (and we agree completely) this is NOT the teaching of your church (it is an occasional excuse they make when their impotence to decree or declare healing is exposed). Even the Facebook post which we screenshotted spoke of creating “an environment” in which healing can happen. Your church promises people healing in “healing rooms.” You have a literal “school of healing.” So then, prophets, heal thyself.

Biblical miracles (which were signs given to denote Apostleship or the authority of canonical revelation) were (A) demonstrable (B) done upon those with EXTERNAL or debilitating illnesses or injuries (C) verifiable and (D) without other kinds of medical intervention. Week after week, you Bethel people talk about the “miracles” performed upon people with arthritis and back pain, tooth pain, headaches, little bumps that go away. You do not present any evidence. You cannot do much more besides parlor tricks like leg lengthenings or psychosomatic “healings.”

Your church is the EPICENTER of the New Apostolic Reformation, claims of the miraculous – heck, you have gold dust and angel feathers falling from the rafters – and so IF your church was exhibiting REAL power, the kind of dunamis power you claim, then someone – one of you, like Randy Clark or Bill Johnson – should be able to heal this child.

While we recognize you think it is insensitive timing, we think it is a necessary shock to your system to wake up and leave your cult. Bethel Redding has no power. It is nothing but clouds without water (Jude 1:12). What is “cruel” was you people prophesying healing over Nabeel Quereshi and pronouncing and decreeing and declaring his cancer healed, when the Holy Spirit has given you no more power than that held by the devil. What is cruel is Bethel Redding and other faith-healing cults blaming the sick and ill for their lack of faith rather than the huckster false prophet who claims (without any verification whatsoever of raising the dead).

The Gospel tells us that Jesus came to die for sin, that he was buried and that he rose again for our justification. There is no healing guaranteed in the Atonement, as is taught by your pastor, Bill Johnson and all of Bethel Church. The most loving thing we can do is to warn you, “Repent, lest ye likewise perish.”

Many Bethel church members swore profusely. When Bethel’s pastor and Bill Johnson’s son, Eric, emailed us, he was more polite than most of his church members (although – to be clear – many church members were cordial and quite nice to get to know).

And so, you can see the back-and-forth between Bethel’s pastor and one of our contributor’s, Seth Dunn.

As stated above, the child is doing better. However, Bethel is now claiming that the child has been “miraculously healed.” In an article entitled, “A Miracle Testimony to the World,” they are cited as calling his medical recovery at UC Davis Medical Center “a miracle testimony to the whole world, we feel” (as the name of the article would suggest).

CBN includes the decrees and declarations demanded of God by Bethel members that are to be credited with the boy’s recovery:

– I declare that your destiny is bound to your spirit, your soul and body, and that no weapon formed against you will prosper. Your future was crafted in the image of the invincible God and it can not be thwarted.

– Today the bleeding in your stomach will stop.

– Today your vomiting will stop, and your gut will be made new.

– Today your kidneys will start to function, and by tomorrow you will be peeing again.

– Jaxon you have the mind of Christ, and your brain will function in perfect harmony with itself and with the rest of your body. There will be no damage in your brain.

– Today your respiratory system will function and will be restored.

– I declare that all fluid will leave your lungs.

In reality, this medical condition was routinely treated with hydration via intravenous fluids at the hospital. Currently, the family has raised 177k to pay for the medical care.

God is to be glorified for giving man wisdom and knowledge, for designing and organizing a universe in which things like medicine and science are predictable, and for blessing doctors and nurses with the ability to bring comfort and biological correction.

Bethel, on the other hand, was absolutely unable to affect this child’s health. Its healing rooms were powerless. Its healers were impotent. Their decrees and declarations – all put together – couldn’t accomplish what hydration could.

For an explanation of why real miracles (that is, the type and kind of ‘sign and wonder’ we see in the Scripture) are done without the means of medical intervention, are instantaneous and complete, click on this sermon by John MacArthur here.

In the meantime, the boy’s father was decreeing and declaring to his urinary tract, saying,”Now his kidneys need to keep healing…and he needs to pee, in Jesus name Pee!”


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