Anti-Church Group, AHA™, Discusses Tasing Pastor

AHA leader, Todd Bullis, who discusses tasing Pastor Emilio Ramos on Social Media.

An Anti-Church group known as Abolish Human Abortion™ (AHA™) which has repeatedly harassed a Biblical church in Frisco, Texas, has now discussed using a taser on the pastor. Recently, AHA™ advocate, Bojidar Marinov, tacitly advocated bombing churches. Some AHA™ members have already been arrested and convicted for domestic terrorism against a church.

Now, AHA™ leaders are discussing tasing Pastor Emilio Ramos, the pastor of the church we reported earlier today they were continuing to harass.


AHA leader Matt Tringali posted a link to the Vipertek VTS, which has a voltage that is near fatal (people have died from less) and isn’t legal in a number of municipalities and states, including Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore County, MD, Crawford County,IA.

Why is he posting pics of tasers?


Todd Bullis is another AHA™ leader, responsible for protesting Emilio Ramos. He wonders if “they work on pastors.” Ha ha. Lol.

Not funny. It’s not funny at all.


This is an ominous threat toward Pastor Ramos. AHA™ is a dangerous cult. It is only a matter of time before they hurt someone.

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