Anti-Church Group, AHA, Continues to Harass Congregation

Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) is a 501(c)3 organization devoted to convincing its followers to leave local churches. Although they have the pretense of ending abortion, the group is most committed to the goal of ecclesiastical anarchy, sectarian minimalism, and Christian nomadism. Its chief leaders do not belong to churches with the office of elder or deacons, and its sub-Christian splinter groups do not Biblically qualify as churches. Chiefly, AHA targets anti-abortion pastors and churches to protest, rather than abortion clinics or pro-abortion clergy or churches.

Recently, we covered AHA protesting anti-abortion pastor, Sonny Hernandez. We have also covered AHA protesting anti-abortion pastor, Emilio Ramos. AHA has protested outside of conservative Christian conferences, full of primarily anti-abortion believers, including the Shepherd’s Conference, G3, the Reformation Preaching Conference, and most recently, the Power of God Evangelism Summit. Please note: these speakers, churches, and conferences actively oppose the sin of abortion. Rather than protesting those who are pro-abortion, AHA protests those preaching the Gospel.

Using the tactics of disruption and anarchy, AHA is currently spam-bombing the page of Heritage Grace Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Effectively turning their spam posts into a Denial of Service attack on the church’s Facebook page, they have successfully caused the church to temporarily deactivate their page in order to effectively deal with their harassment. Robert Reece explains in the video below.

Keep in mind that Heritage Grace Community Church practices open-air evangelism, preaches against abortion, exhorts Christians to holiness, and is a duly constituted New Testament church body. Those shutting down the church’s Facebook page – in the name of Jesus, no less – largely do not belong to Biblical churches and have placed themselves in a self-imposed exile from the Body of Christ.

These AHA members are “checking in” to Heritage Grace Community Church, even though they are not physically present. With this loophole, they can make comments and leave their propaganda on the church’s page. Clearly, this is a coordinated effort from AHA chapters around the country to attack one specific church. These are people who do not care about abortion. They are of their father, the devil, and simply seek to hurt churches.

Reece put it well when asking that one of two things happen with AHA…

1. What I hope to have happen is you leave and ask for forgiveness and come to love Christ is His real visible church, that has real membership etc – and not some made up nonsense you call “church.”

2. That you leave Christians alone. Do your cult thing somewhere else.

The reason for this [is that] they have taken up a campaign to continue to show up to biblical churches, harass them, protest for no reason, and now have found an underhanded way of posting to our church page that we cannot delete the posts via “check-ins”.

AHA you are a menstrual stain on the church of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, AHA is an unclean excretion on the gown of Christ’s bride and must be cleansed or purged for the sake of her purity. If you are a part of AHA, please leave that sub-Christian group and join any number of anti-abortion groups that do not exist to attack the church. If you know someone in AHA, please exhort them to come out of the cult and join a Biblical church.



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