Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) Harasses Abortion-Hating Gospel Preacher

Abolish Human Abortion™ the sub-christian, 501(c)3  anti-church organization that has taken to protesting Biblical churches instead of abortion clinics, recently protested Sonny Hernandez.

Hernandez is the founder of Reforming America Ministries, a Bible-based preaching, apologetics and evangelism ministry. He is a local church pastor, holds to the Second London Baptist Confession (1689) and has authored books endorsed by men like Steve Lawson and Joseph Pipa. Hernandez is also an Air Force chaplain who has been repeatedly the subject of public scorn for not compromising on his evangelical faith, either in doctrine or practice.

They’re killing children, Sonny!

In the video below, you’ll see AHA Sectarian Minimalists gathering outside the Reformation Preaching Conference, organized by Sonny Hernandez and featuring HB Charles, Joseph Pipa, George Grant and other high-quality churchmen and theologians. In the video, you will see demonstrated the problem with AHA™.



“They’re killing children, Sonny!”

Yeah. Sonny agrees with you. Sonny preaches at the abortion mill. Sonny’s church members preach at the abortion mill. Sonny agrees that abortion is murder. Sonny calls it murder. Sonny wants people to stop murdering their kids.

But instead of preaching at the abortion clinic, strip club, whore-house, ghetto or godless suburbs, these Christian Nomads decided to preach outside a conference full of men who agree with them, and to tell them what they already know.

What you’ll see in the video is the following:

34 seconds: Hernandez points out AHA™ asked to set up a booth at the conference, and he told them no.

55 seconds: Hernandez points out he goes to the abortion mill almost every single day.

One minute 20 seconds: AHA™ member accuses Hernandez of “violating 1 Corinthians 6” because the venue gave law enforcement that an unwanted, uninvited group may try to be on their private property rights. The AHA™ says this is a violation of the Bible, because it’s a “dispute between believers.”

Two minutes: AHA™ member says “this is not about abortion mills.” He says it’s a “cultural issue,” and that churches are at fault for it.

Two minutes 50 seconds: AHA™ member refuses to tell Hernandez, specifically, where his “church home” is.

Two minutes 55 seconds: AHA™ tells Hernandez that his church “doesn’t have an institutional name.” He then asks Hernandez “Why does it matter,” and Hernandez responds, “Because of what the Bible says.” The AHA™ member then says, “Children are dying!”

Yes. Yes, I think we have established that.

Three minutes 20 seconds: AHA™ member ays his church has no institutional name, and that he goes to “Christ’s church.”

Three minutes 51 seconds: AHA™member says he’s there because he’s “exposing things.”

It’s unclear what exactly he’s exposing. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be abortion related. It seems to be 100% ecclesiology related.

Four minutes 44 seconds: The AHA™ member says he does “congregate” with believers and does have elders.

Five minutes 45 seconds: The AHA™ member acknowledges that he spends “not enough time” at the abortion clinic, conceding that the one he was protesting probably spends more time outside the abortion clinic.

Six minutes and 45 seconds: Hernandez says, “You need a local church,” and the AHA™ member, when asked who his elders were,  says deceptively, “I have local believers,” conflating “church” with “group of believers.”

Seven minutes and 50 seconds: Again, the AHA™ members denies having a local church.

Eight minutes and 20 seconds: When forced to answer directly if his church has pastors, the AHA™ member said, “I am in contact with elders and pastors regularly, yes.” Hernandez asks if those elders and pastors are the pastors where he attends church. The AHA™ member declined to answer.

Eight minutes 45 seconds: Hernandez asks the AHA™ if he has a church with elders and he answered, “I’ve tried to join many.” He referenced being a guest in a speaker’s church and taking the Lord’s Supper there, as though that answered Hernandez’ question.

Eight minutes 58 seconds: The AHA™ member demands to ask why “church hopper” is a bad thing or where it is in the Bible. Hernandez cites 1 John 2:19.

Nine minutes 5 seconds: The AHA™ member demands that Hernandez call him “brother” (please note, this is cult warning sign #5). Hernandez refuses to answer, lest he answer in ignorance.

Nine minutes 30 seconds: Hernandez cites Hebrews 13:7 to the AHA™ member, who heavily sighs when it’s quoted to him. He then argues to Hernandez that Hebrews 13:7 is not speaking of elders, but “those who first spoke the word of God to you.”

Nine minutes 59 seconds: The AHA™ member again says, “They’re killing children, Sonny!” There is no clear reason in the video what the connection between murdering children and Sonny Hernandez was in the mind of the protestor.

Read through Warning Signs of a Cult and see how many you could check off while watching this video.


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