AHA (Abolish Human Abortion) Brain Trust Suggests Bombing Churches

Bojidar Marinov (left) and fellow (former?) theonomist, Jeff Durbin.

Bojidar Marinov first became known as a fire-breathing theonomist, insistent that all Mosaic Judicial Law be strictly enforced by the government – including Mosaic penology, requiring the death penalty for such crimes as rebellious adolescence and promiscuity. At one time, Marinov spoke for the Chalcedon Institute, which is the organizational legacy of theonomy founder, the late RJ Rushdoony. Marinov’s style of discourse has generally been inflammatory, radical and usually caustic, and so even he had found a home among the radicalized theonomists.

However, when theonomy’s chief non-retired leader, Joel McDurmon, abandoned the basic tenets of theonomy several years, a strange shift began to develop among those once holding to the abiding obligatory nature of Mosaic Law; they did an ideological 180º and turned to hyper-libertarianism, bordering on anarchist ideology. Transitioning from advocacy for a totalitarian theocracy to extreme libertarianism is impressive enough, but that they could do it with few noticing was impressive, indeed. Marinov has continued to be in the mix of this ideological transition and has turned the corner from asserting theonomy as the historic position of the institutionalized church (a ridiculous claim in itself) to now asserting that there is no institutional (or organized) church and has turned against the Bride of Christ, now attacking it regularly. The ecclesiastical positions of Marinov range from Sectarian Minimalism to Ecclesiastical Docetism.

A year ago this month, we warned you that we saw a marriage between the sub-Christian, anti-church sect, AHA™, and theonomy. In the post, A Warning: When Theonomy and AHA Collide, Polemics Report writes…

Orthodox Christians have reason to be concerned regarding the burgeoning fellowship of two groups of religious schismatics. In recent weeks, a new marriage between judaizers of the Mosaic Judicial Law (called by the abused misnomer, theonomists) and an anti-abortion group that’s known for the indiscriminate (and inexplicable) protesting of churches seems to have developed.

We continued the warning with a list of the similarities between AHA™ and theonomic (or Reconstructionist) ideology, and the fourth similarity speaks to the issue at hand…

4. Both Theonomy and AHA™ have attracted radical (or formerly radical) adherents with predispositions to violence. 

AHA has within its ranks two men convicted of crimes against churches described by local police as domestic terrorism (these individuals now claim pacifism). When describing their crime in a recent podcast (setting off an explosive device at a church under construction and arson on church property in a different location), AHA™ founder T. Russell Hunter used the term terrorism with “scare quotes.” Many AHA™ adherents reacted with vehement and vocal objection to reports of these convicted church arsonists at the protest of a godly church in Texas, because claims of conversion, they argue, make past acts of violence against the church ostensibly irrelevant. Likewise, Theonomy and the teachings of Gary North famously were credited as a motive by convicted (and now executed) Paul Jennings Hill, who murdered an abortion “doctor” and his body guard, and injured the abortionist’s wife. There is no doubt that the regular anti-police and anti-authority rhetoric of Theonomists leads to a certain radicalization of those adherents who don’t eventually find their way out of the sect.

The fact is, AHA™ has proudly put on the front line of their organization’s protests two individuals – reportedly repentant – who are convicted of committing arson against churches in acts best described as domestic terrorism. Now, claiming pacifism, the individuals continue their work against the church by disrupting church services and protesting outside. AHA™ has shown little if any distinction between pro-life churches and pro-abortion churches in their protests, and certain of their leaders have said every church should be protested. Given the history of domestic terrorism among some in AHA™ and violence done in the name of theonomy through Paul Jennings Hill, we have great cause for concern when the two ideologies collide in the man, Bojidar Marinov.

Yesterday, we became privy to comments from Marinov made on Facebook, which appear to incite violence against – not abortion clinics – but churches.


If Marinov wasn’t leading AHA™ as a brain-trust, one might be compelled to just shrug off the comment as the delusional ramblings of an insane man. But given the history of violence in his two main ideologies, it is concerning at the very least. Considering people who have actually bombed churches follow his words in the abolitionist movement, this might have been an incredibly bad idea. But, Bojidar continues to encourage violence against law enforcement.



According to Bojidar, 90% of cops “just murder people in cold blood” and in these cases, they should “be shot.”

While any reasonable observer of the cultural and political landscape can testify to the existence of “bad cops” and there does seem to be an uptick in heavy-handed law enforcement tactics (for example, no-knock warrants or electronic privacy invasions) that should concern liberty-minded people, the claim that “90%” of police shootings are cold-blooded murder is a gross absurdity.

Two radically sectarian groups, AHA™and the remnant of what is left of theonomy, have together merged in the person of Bojidar Marinov. And, it is dangerous, indeed.


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