False Teacher of the Day #11: Ante Pavkovic

False Teacher of the Day #11: Ante Pavkovic

Ante Pavkovic is a high-ranking leader in Operation Save America, an anti-abortion organization. Ante is the pastor of a Pentecostal “home church,” Christ Fellowship Church, in North Carolina, a church of about 40-50 people and he can be found most Saturdays outside of a Charlotte abortion clinic fighting for human life. Although fighting abortion is an admirable activity, his pervasive heresy has gone on long enough and heretics should not get a pass on damnable theology simply because they take on a noble cause.

Here are a few of the heresies Ante Pavkovic promulgates:

Ante is a prideful Pentecostal leader. He even refers to the New Testament as a “Pentecostal hand-book”. He defends rigorously the practice of ecstatic utterance, calling it the “gift of tongues.” The New Testament Greek term for the gift of tongues is xenoglossia. Xenoglossia is the spontaneous ability given by the Holy Spirit to speak a known language that the speaker has never been taught how to speak. It was an Apostolic sign gift for the purpose of evangelizing, not as a private prayer language.

Mr. Pavkovic also defends the continuation of “prophetic words” from the Lord. This false teaching undermines the sufficiency of scripture. 1 Corinthians 13 is clear that the gifts of tongues, prophecy, and words of knowledge have passed away in the completion of New Testament canon.  Mr. Pavkovic also called the biblical doctrine of cessationism a heresy in his recent debate with Jordan Hall at the “Judge Not conference”.

Pavkovic also promotes the prosperity gospel. This is a false gospel within the Word of Faith movement that promises material health and wealth as a temporal benefit of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross–something the Scriptures clearly warn against.

By promoting these false doctrines,  Ante reveals himself to be a modern-day Montanist. Montanism is a heresy that was anathematized by the second-century church.

Although polite in public, Ante roams around the cobwebs of the internet anonymously under the alias of his favorite heretic, Charles Finney. While hiding his true identity, Ante seeks out Calvinists whom he may devour. He is vicious and a scornful mocker when he is on his fake profile and part of the reason Pulpit & Pen is writing this article is to bring to light those who hide in darkness.

(If you happen to run across the fake profile of “Charles Finney,” it may be best to simply avoid him.)

Also, as we have mentioned, Ante Pavkovic is a Charles Finney disciple. For anyone who is doctrinally sound (even a little bit), this should be a red flag. Charles Finney was a grade A heretic. You can read more about his heresies here, but below is a list to summarize his heretical beliefs:

  • Finney was a Pelagian heretic, he believed that man is not born with a sin nature and may be able to work his way to God.
  • He denied Penal Substitutionary Atonement, that Christ bore our sins on the cross to save us.
  • He believed in work righteousness, as mentioned above, Finney believed no man was saved by Christ’s sacrifice and that men could only be saved by works of the law.
  • He is the father of the decisionism movement. Charles Finney spent most his time “evangelizing”using manipulation methods rather than preaching the biblical gospel. Of course, that isn’t a surprise. It’s hard to preach the actual gospel when you hate it.

All of these heresies are damnable because they undermine the very gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no evidence that Finney ever repented, therefore, it is safe to assume that Charles Finney is damned. When a man’s hero is a person burning in Sheol, awaiting the judgment of Christ to be damned to hell for all eternity, that says a lot about a person.

Ante Pavkovic, please repent of your heresies and deceiving the brethren. Do not think that the noble work you do saving children from the grip of death will save you. Unless you trust in Christ’s work on the cross alone then you are trusting in yourself. It is only through faith alone that we are saved, and it is a work of God alone. Until then, the rest of us better steer clear.

Be careful that those fighting noble causes do not deceive you.

Further reading: Behavioral Heresy

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