False Teacher of the Day #3: Ulf Ekman

Ulf Ekman is a Charismatic Catholic from Sweden and founder of the Word of Faith megachurch, Livets Ord (Which translates to “Word of Life”). Before becoming a Catholic, Ekman was a pastor of this megachurch, and sent missionaries to many countries (Including Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, India, and Israel). He has been a mentor to many prominent names in the Neo-Montanist Charismatic Movement, including Kong Hee, David Yonggi Cho, and others. He has been called a “pastor of pastors”, and has been described by the general secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance as, “undoubtedly the most dynamic and influential Christian leader we have had in Sweden during the past half century.”

Ekman is a prime example of cross-heresy addiction. He started out as a Word of Faith minister within the Charismatic Movement. When he founded Word of Life, he claimed the Holy Spirit had told him to “equip My people with the word of faith.” (Source) Throughout his tenure, he tended to be ecumenical towards Roman Catholics (Source). In 2014, Ekman eventually converted to Roman Catholicism, a move which he claimed was validated by a prophetic vision. It is quite possible that Pope Francis’s message to the Neo-Montanist (Charismatic) Movement, delivered via Tony Palmer to one of Kenneth Copeland’s conferences, played a role in his eventual conversion.

Ulf Ekman is to be avoided, and can be looked to as an example of cross-heresy addiction, the dangers of ecumenism, the lack of discernment caused by leaving the Charismatic Window open, and just what happens when any professed Christian – layman or clergy – is not informed of the differences between Catholicism and true Christianity.

[Contributed by Brandon C. Hines]

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