Sermon: The Severity of God in The Coming Judgment — Justin Pierce

G. Campbell Morgan said, “The Severity of the Law of God is the necessary sequence of His Infinite Love.” Most people believe that Bad people will go to hell, and they equally believe that they are good people and if anyone is going to heaven it will certainly be them. They cannot imagine a God that is so perfectly pure and holy and who is love manifested and exemplified would ever be severe. Nor would they worship a God who sends’s sinners to Hell.

So why is it that someone would deny or refuse to speak of the Certainty and Severity of the impending day of Judgment? The reason that professing Christians do not tell others the most terrifying news that they will ever hear is not because they love them too much to hurt or offend them.

It is not out of love for them that compels believers to remain silent. It’s self Preservation- a desire to have people like you, to have them love you.

Sure, sharing the gospel is hard and the hardest thing of all is to look the sinner in the eye and show them that they are guilty before God and one day very soon they will feel the blazing heat of God’s wrath.

While it is hard, and some might be uncomfortable, it is so necessary that Jesus Himself came to earth to warn us to flee from the wrath that is to come.

When a born again Christian has been taught the depths of their own depravity and has seen the tree that Christ bore their penalty on, as their substitute. When they know that Jesus Christ is the only hope sinners have for salvation.

The most loving thing a Biblically Consistent Christian can do is tell others the worst news they will ever hear and also the best news they will ever hear.

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